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Labor Codes

6100...Labor Code Section 6100
The purpose of this division is to effect economy, efficiency, and continuity in the public service by providing means for increasing the willingness of competent persons ...more
6101...Labor Code Section 6101
Unless the context otherwise requires, as used in this division: (a) “State agency” means any agency, department, division, commission, board, bureau, ...more
6110...Labor Code Section 6110
Any State agency may, by appropriate action, undertake to provide hospitalization, medical treatment and indemnity, including death benefits, to its employees and to ...more
6111...Labor Code Section 6111
The State Compensation Insurance Fund may enter into a master agreement with the State Department of Finance to render services in accordance with the agreement in the ...more
6112...Labor Code Section 6112
6113...Labor Code Section 6113
6114...Labor Code Section 6114
The agreement shall provide that the State agency whose officer or employee is a claimant shall reimburse the fund for the expenditures and for the actual cost of ...more
6115...Labor Code Section 6115
The fund may in its own name, or in the name of the State agency for which services are performed, do any and all things necessary to recover on behalf of the State ...more
6130...Labor Code Section 6130
In lieu of direct payments pursuant to Chapter 2 of this division, any State agency may obtain by insurance from the State Compensation Insurance Fund, if the fund ...more
6131...Labor Code Section 6131
The premium for such insurance shall be a proper charge against any moneys appropriated for the support of or expenditure by such State agency. In case such State agency ...more
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