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Workers' Compensation News


Judge Finds Unreasonable Delays, Possible Underground Rules in QME Denials 02/07/2018
By: Greg Jones (Deputy Editor)
State: CA | Segment: Top | 2308 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 61 min read
A judge in Southern California on Tuesday ruled that the Division of Workers’ Compensation appears to have relied on unenforceable underground regulations when it denied applications for reappointment from two qualified medical evaluators and unreasonably delayed hearings whe...Read More

Judge Erred in Allowing Worker to Unilaterally Dismiss Complaint 02/02/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: OH | Segment: NORTH | 339 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 15 min read
An Ohio appellate court ruled that a trial judge could not allow a worker to unilaterally dismiss the complaint she had filed to re-establish her entitlement to benefits. ...Read More

Judge Declines to Dismiss Fraud Case Against Former Prison Guard 01/25/2018
State: MA | Segment: NORTH | 333 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 1440 min read
A Massachusetts superior court judge has rejected a former prison guard’s attempt to dismiss charges that he collected $16,000 in workers’ compensation benefits while lying about the extent of his disability, ...Read More

Joe Cafferelli Joins Alliant as EVP in Phoenix 01/23/2018
State: AZ | Segment: WEST | 308 | 0 | Popular with Legal
Alliant Insurance Services has hired Joe Cafferelli as executive vice president within its Alliant Americas Division. ...Read More

Judge Who Spent Time as WCJ Disbarred Over Theft of Cocaine From Drug Court 01/22/2018
By: Emily Brill (Reporter)
State: PA | Segment: Top | 362 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 1 min read
A Pennsylvania county-court judge who briefly served as a workers’ compensation judge in Alaska was disbarred on Thursday after being convicted of stealing cocaine from a drug-court evidence locker. ...Read More

Judge Tosses Employer's Claims Against Carrier That Refused to Cover Accident 01/22/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: IN | Segment: NORTH | 319 | 0 | Popular with Insurance | 15 min read
A federal trial judge ruled that an insurance carrier properly denied coverage for a worker’s out-of-state accident, since the policy had not extended coverage there. ...Read More

Judge Tosses Carrier's Request for Declaratory Judgment on Potential Liability for Coverage 01/22/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: AL | Segment: SOUTH | 292 | 0 | Popular with Insurance
A federal trial court judge ruled that an insurance carrier was not entitled to a declaratory judgment on its potential liability for coverage to a truck driver if the driver’s coworker were to file a negligence claim. ...Read More

Judge Denies Most Requests to Limit Discovery in EquityComp Lawsuit 01/18/2018
State: CA | Segment: WEST | 577 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 24 min read
A federal judge in California denied most requests from Applied Underwriters to limit the types of documents employers can obtain during discovery in a purported class action lawsuit over the EquityComp program. ...Read More

Judge Finds Corruption Caused Suicide, Awards Death Benefits 01/16/2018
State: MS | Segment: SOUTH | 353 | 0 | Popular with Employer | 4 min read
The Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission ordered the state Department of Marine Resources to pay death benefits to the widower of a former executive assistant to the department’s director, who committed suicide as a scandal unfolded that led to the conviction of her boss ...Read More

Judge Rejects PTSD Claim From Nightclub First Responder 01/15/2018
State: FL | Segment: SOUTH | 566 | 0 | Popular with Insurance | 88 min read
A Florida workers’ compensation judge has ruled against providing benefits to an Orlando police officer who responded to the Pulse Nightclub shooting that killed 49 people. ...Read More
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