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Workers' Compensation News

How to Ease the Pain of Workers' Back Pain 11/18/2008
State: NA | Segment: | 444 | 0
By Russell R. OliverFor employers, back pain is a big pain.One estimate pegs the tab for workers’ compensation costs and time lost from work due to back pain at $25 billion a year.Workers’ compensation insurance costs U.S. employers 2% to 4% of their g...Read More
How to Build a Boutique MPN That Works 04/18/2008
State: CA | Segment: | 629 | 0
The "chatter" in the industry is about building boutique MPN’s, presumed to mean medical provider networks where individual providers are selected based on some criteria. The term “boutique network” implies it will deliver something better than ordinary MPN’s. What exactly...Read More
Hey Steve, Get Your Head Out Of The Sand! 12/18/2007
State: CA | Segment: | 571 | 0
It’s been almost a year since Californians Injured At Work members and interested parties met with newly elected Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner in his office on Capitol Mall.We can still hear his mantra: "I simply will not tolerate any kind of insurance fraud in Calif...Read More
Hernia Patch Sparked Numerous Lawsuits 11/07/2007
By: Jon Gelman
State: NA | Segment: | 398 | 0
By Jon GelmanOne of the major flaws of workers compensation acts is that deny injured workers payments for repaired hernia by establishing specific requirements for compensability. Historically the workers' compensation acts denied benefits since employers feared a flood of these occ...Read More
How does Oregon do it? 10/26/2007
State: NA | Segment: | 351 | 0
Oregon's workers comp system is a success. It is 42nd lowest in insurance rates and among the highest benefits for injured workers in the nation. Premium rates have not gone up for 18 years. ...Read More
Heart Presumption Application Strictly Interpreted 08/11/2007
State: CA | Segment: | 396 | 0
By Jake Jacobsmeyer The 3rd District Court of Appeal ordered publication of a previously issued decision on interpreting the statutory application of presumptions in favor of public safety officers. In California Horse Racing Board v. WCAB (Snezek) the court had overt...Read More
Hey Mister, Put Down That Tire Iron 02/24/2007
State: CA | Segment: | 644 | 0
By Mark Quann Normally investigations don't involve an excess of adrenaline in the blood system. Or if they do, one has screwed up big time. But every now and then the only way to get a product requires that an investigator walk where angels fear to tread. The subject was a mec...Read More
Home Run King Strikes Out 02/10/2007
By: Jim Smith
State: CA | Segment: | 316 | 0
By Jim Smith, Deputy Director, DMA Investigations The subject we were hired to investigate had numerous subjective back-related complaints, supposedly the result of a fall from a loading dock. The injuries could not be verified by medical exam and he had been released back to work under m...Read More
Have You Hugged Your AME Today? 09/23/2006
State: CA | Segment: | 1026 | 0
By Dr. Fredric H. Newton On May 6, WorkCompCentral published an article written by York McGavin, titled "A Guaranteed Path to Success -- When Not to Use an AME." The author's thesis was that the agreed medical evaluator resolves disputes by "splitting the baby down the middle." This re...Read More
Happy Anniversary SB 899 04/22/2006
State: CA | Segment: | 293 | 0
By York McGavin The 2 year anniversary of SB 899 was April 19th. Yahoo!!! Are the ERs happy? Are the IWs happy? Are the AAs and DAs happy? Are the WCJs happy? Are the psyche physicians happy? Are the CAs and adjusters happy? Are providers standing ...Read More
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