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Monday, April 10, 2017 | 2942 | 0

Kansas City, MO and Pasadena, CA, April 10, 2017 – Cobalt Ventures, LLC, the for-profit holding company for subsidiaries of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, announced that it has acquired Advocate Technology Solutions (ATS), a provider of software solutions for Case Managers and Medical Professionals, with an emphasis on Worker’s Compensation Medical and Disability Management.  The ATS Virtual Case Management System (VCMS) is a fully integrated software package that supports both Utilization Review (UR) and Case Management (CM) functions. 

ATS utilized a team of clinicians and professionals with over 80 years of combined experience in Utilization Review and Case Management to develop the VCMS software package, which was originally designed as a proprietary solution for GSG Associates, Inc., a URAC accredited Nurse Case Management and Utilization Management company.  VCMS is a web-based application that facilitates and streamlines the process of performing Utilization Review and Case Management functions, as well as providing an extensive database to measure outcomes and provider performance. The resulting application provided support for the entire workflow, as well as automating many time-consuming administrative duties, and perhaps most importantly became an invaluable repository of workers’ compensation data. 

One of the first initiatives of ATS, will be to partner with CompAlliance and GSG Associates to create an enhanced business intelligence platform for their respective clients.  This database will encompass treatment data, claims data, bill review data, and provider data.  VCMS will enable employers and insurers who work with the CompAlliance/GSG partnership to make informed decisions about their provider network development, identify best practices, and achieve the best outcomes for their injured workers.

“The cutting edge technology that ATS brings to the marketplace will be integrated into operations of CompAlliance to bring increased value to our clients and staff …Jim Weir”

ATS will continue to be based in Pasadena, and will retain its independent management and development teams.

About Cobalt Ventures, LLC

Cobalt Ventures is the for-profit subsidiary arm of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC), the largest health insurer in western Missouri and northeast Kansas. Cobalt owns, or is invested in, several companies in the health care, health care financing and peripheral health care delivery services areas. Cobalt’s goal is to bring new and innovative services to health care delivery companies and health care financing organizations, driven by the rapidly changing health care and health care financing marketplace.

About ATS

Advocate Technology Solutions, based in Pasadena CA, is a spin-off from GSG Associates where VCMS software was first developed. The development team at ATS includes Physicians and Nurses providing Disability Management, Nurse Advocacy Programs, Case Management, and Utilization Management services since 1994.    

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