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CA - Mother, Son Accused of Running Illegal Occupational Health Clinic

By Greg Jones (Deputy Editor)
04/28/2017 | 1106 | 0 | 0 min read

Northern California prosecutors allege a mother and son — neither of whom had medical licenses — illegally operated an occupational health clinic in South San Francisco that was paid $4.5 million to treat injured workers. Matthew H. Skinner The San Mateo County District Attorney&rsqu. Read More

CA - 3rd DCA Says Causation of Disability Can Be Apportioned to Genetics

By Sherri Okamoto (Legal Reporter)
04/28/2017 | 806 | 1 | 0 min read

California’s 3rd District Court of Appeals this week ruled that causation for an injured worker’s disability can be apportioned to genetics. Ever since 2004, the court said, an employer is liable for compensating workers only for the percentage of permanent disability that is directly a. Read More

MO - Legislative Session Will Likely Accomplish Chamber's Top 2 Goals

By Emily Brill (Reporter)
04/28/2017 | 156 | 0 | 0 min read

With the end of the 2017 lawmaking session two weeks away, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce will likely see accomplished its top two legislative priorities related to workers' compensation. A bill that passed the House last week contains both priorities. Senate Bill 66 defines maximum medical i. Read More

NATL. - WCRI: Employer Choice Policies Lower Cost in Limited Number of Claims

By Elaine Goodman (medical/business Reporter)
04/28/2017 | 241 | 0 | 0 min read

State policies that allow employers to choose the doctor who will treat an injured worker, touted as a way to reduce excessive medical spending, for the most part do not reduce average claim costs, according to a study released Thursday by the Workers Compensation Research Institute. But an im. Read More

Sulivan On Comp

MO - Court Revives Worker's Tort Claim Against Co-Employees

By WorkCompCentral
04/28/2017 | 95 | 0 | 0 min read

The Missouri Court of Appeals ruled that an injured worker is entitled to a second chance to prove his claim for damages because of the alleged negligence of his co-employees. Case: Williams v. Roberts, No. SD34536, 04/20/2017, published. Facts: John T. Williams, Mike Roberts and Kim Holloway work. Read More

AZ - Contractor's Employee Can't Sue State for Damages After Workplace Fall

By WorkCompCentral
04/28/2017 | 131 | 0 | 0 min read

The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that a social worker could not file a tort action against the Department of Corrections to recover damages for her slip-and-fall while at a state prison. Case: Wagner v. State, No. 1 CA-CV 16-0134, 04/20/2017, published. Facts: Nancy Wagner, a social worker, slip. Read More

CA - Transit Worker Faces 7 Felonies, Accused of Double-Dipping

04/28/2017 | 340 | 0 | 0 min read

An Orange County bus driver who allegedly worked at a fishing supply store while receiving workers’ compensation benefits for an ankle sprain was arrested on seven felony counts of insurance fraud, according to Intercare Holdings Insurance Services Inc. David J. Barker Jr., 51, in June 2014 s. Read More

CA - Formulary Details Explained as Comment Deadline Nears

04/28/2017 | 317 | 0 | 0 min read

The latest version of California’s proposed prescription drug formulary includes a provision for peri-operative prescribing, in which doctors can prescribe without prospective review drugs that are ordinarily considered “non-preferred” to a patient undergoing surgery. Dr. Ray Mei. Read More

AK - House Approves Bill to Abolish WC Appeals Commission

04/28/2017 | 112 | 0 | 0 min read

A bill that would abolish the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Appeals Commission is now in the state Senate after winning unanimous approval by the House of Representatives this week. House Bill 69 would send all appeals of workers’ compensation claims to the state superior courts starting. Read More

MN - MWCIA's Annual Report Touts Robust Comp Market

04/28/2017 | 107 | 0 | 0 min read

Minnesota’s rate-maker released an annual report Thursday that portrays a robust workers’ compensation insurance market, with rising earned premium despite eight rate decreases in the past 10 years. The Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Insurance Association said average pure premiu. Read More