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Welcome to the WorkCompCentral calculators!

WorkCompCentral contains the Internet’s largest collection of workers’ compen­sation calculators. It is our goal to provide as accurate information as possible, however we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. If you encounter an error, first double check your entry.

On this page you may create, edit and save a set of data to perform calculations without retyping the same information. All data is saved until you delete it, even after logging out. You may edit some common values here or save them in a specific calculator.

Choose saved data set to use in calculations:

Edit the most used items in the selected data set below:

Data set name (ie. injured worker’s name):
Created — Last modified:
Date of birth:  
Date of injury or death:  
Standard Rating (or WPI):%
Average weekly wage:$
PD commencement date:  
Permanent Disability (PD) Rating:%
Total Weeks of Permanent Disability:
Date of commutation (DOC):  
Life Pension Rate:$


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