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Branding & Advertising

Choose from one of our most popular campaign options below,

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Each campaign option below outlines the monthly retail rate, but includes 2 months of advertising. Example; Choose Option #1 for 3 months, at a rate of $11,700, and you'll receive 6 months of advertising, averaging only $1,950 per month!

Option #1: $3,900 - Best Seller!

300x250 Large box website banner (24 hr rotation)

180x150 Small box web banner (24 hr rotation)

650x500 Splash banner (24 hr rotation)

185x200 Small news banner (5X per week)

Option #2: $2,600

300x250 Large box web banner (24 hr rotation)

650x500 Splash banner (24 hr rotation)

185x200 Small news banner (4X per week)

Option #3: $2,100

180x150 Small box web banner (24 hr rotation)

650x500 Splash banner (24 hr rotation)

185x200 Small news banner (3X per week)

Partner with WCC to reach your marketing goals

WorkCompCentral has advertising and sponsorship opportunities for every budget!

Whether you’d like to promote your company's general expertise, host an educational webinar, or simply announce a new product or service, a BRANDING & ADVERTISING campaign with WorkCompCentral is the best place to get your message in front of your target audience, and achieve your marketing goals.


Contact our Branding & Advertising Director, Christina Childers,

for more information about our

advertising opportunities and current promotions

(818) 687-1665 | christina@workcompcentral.com

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Get your Brand listed on our 2023 Work Comp Flowchart!

2 Print ad sizes available:

6x2.5 = $2000 -OR- 3x1 = $1000

All advertisers receive 15-20 FREE Flowcharts

WorkCompCentral Delivers!

“All of my experiences with you have been very positive and highly professional. When I work with you to promote our events I feel that I can fully rely on your professional expertise to promote the CSIA events appropriately. I believe that your professionalism and that of the reputation of WCC go a long way to helping us achieve our goals when marketing our events. In fact, I feel like you can read my mind about how we like to showcase CSIA and thus makes it seem like you are a part of CSIA. Please continue doing what you do!!”

~Phil Millhollon, CSIA

"Christina- you are very easy to work with! Having our Ad’s updated has been extremely easy, and you are so quick to respond. I especially appreciate that you gave me the advance notice to end an ad and asked to get the new ones so you could post them without delays. That was so helpful! I can’t think of anything I would change, because you have been attentive to our needs, I don’t feel like we missed anything."

~Erin Ravencraft, CAAA

"Christina…I have only positive things to say! You did a great job with our advertising for the NCSI conference and I really believe that we got a tremendous bang for our buck. You are original in your designs and are very responsive so thanks for all that you do to make it such a simple process!!"

~Jill A. Dulich, NCSI

"First, I want to note that your spring BOGO promotion really helped us convince our Finance team that this ad was a good value and helped us with our overall marketing strategy at a crucial time. The addition of free press releases was also a good opportunity for us. Please consider running such promotions again and/or having some kind of discount available for repeat customers! ...the process of booking the ad was very efficient and pleasant. We’re very happy to have you as a consistent and direct contact for this purpose!"

~Lauren Kubota, MedExCo

"Christina, Over the past several years our experience with workcompcentral has been outstanding. Very professional , timely and responsive to our requests.   We value the information you provide and enjoy working with you."

~Fred Martino, RJN Investigations

“Christina, You’re proactive and efficient doing your job. It’s been a pleasure working with you”

~Sunny Kaften, Timothy Kaften Law

“I sought out WorkCompCentral as a media partner because it knows the workers' comp audience I needed to reach. By doing webinars about SB 863 with them and advertising on the web site and the California Claims Flowchart, we've tapped into a sizable audience of professionals who we, otherwise, probably would have missed.”

~Michael Sullivan, "Sullivan on Comp" author

“It is always a pleasure dealing with Workcompcentral in general and Christina in particular. She's always helpful, readily available, and gives the "extra effort" to ensure that any project -- small or large -- will be effectively executed.”

~Don Barthel, Founding Partner, Bradford & Barthel, LLP

“Dear Christina– I just wanted to take a moment to let you and the team at WorkCompCentral know how much we appreciate and value our partnership. From an account management standpoint, you and WorkCompCentral worked with us to develop our advertising campaign, always keeping our strategies and goals in mind. You offered consultation, flexibility and expert advice so that our final campaign delivered results beyond expectations. The company’s leadership position in the marketplace combined with a demonstrated dedication to service, results and breaking news makes WorkCompCentral a key component of any marketing strategy in the workers’ compensation arena.”

~Rommy Blum, MedRisk, Inc.

“I have known Christina Childers for several years and have worked extensively with her on our advertising campaigns with WorkCompCentral.com. Christina’s professionalism and outgoing attitude make her a true joy to work for. But it is really her knowledge and understanding of the work comp industry that sets Christina apart. Anyone can sell you advertising, but Christina goes much deeper and takes the time to understand her client’s needs and how they can align with the promotional impact that advertising on WorkCompCentral can provide.”

~Michael Fitton, The Conference Board

“I have worked with Christina many times in promoting the California Self-Insurers Association Educational Programs. In every instance she has been professional, inventive, punctual, knowledgeable, and understanding of marketing and advertising concepts. She is invaluable to our marketing program!”

~Nona Grancell, CSIA 

“Christina has helped us with several ad placements for clients over the past year. She's great to work with: responsive, patient, always professional. I enjoy working with her and trust that when we do campaigns I can rely on her to make sure all the pieces come together at the right time.” 

~Tamara Greenleaf, Greenleaf Associates

“It is always a pleasure to hear Christina's voice at the other end of a phone call because I know I am in good hands. I know that I can count on her to come up with a creative solution to my advertising challenges and I always walk away feeling as though I have also gotten the best "bang for my buck!" Christina is certainly an asset to WorkComp Central.”

~Diana Cloos, Michael M. Bronshvag, M.D.

“Christina's attention to detail, commitment and excellence are second only to her personal attention and cheerful attitude. It is definitely a joy working with Christina and I would highly recommend her high level of committed service to any seeking to further their marketing exposure in the legal profession.”

~Scott Bailey, Gilson Daub, Inc.

“I have found Christina to be very positive, outgoing, and extremely professional. She accomplishes any task with enthusiam and accuracy. She has been very helpful to my company.” 

~Nick Girgis, Girgis & Assocaites, Inc.

“Christina helped us create an advertising initiative, even though it was a last-minute outreach by us. We were very pleased with the result.”

~Teddy Snyder, Ringler Associates

“Those ads brought us HUGE, unprecedented success. We'll be in touch soon with another ad for a November event. Thanks again!”

~Liz Hage, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP

“Since placing a one-square ad on Workcompcentral, we have received numerous calls about our services. Not only has it been great for business from a sales standpoint, the amount of information that your site contains is amazing. Workcompcentral is my homepage when I turn on my browser and it is where I go for the most up to date changes in worker’s compensation.”

~David S. Conrad, MBC Systems 

“Yrulegui & Roberts is very pleased with the results of the advertising on workcompcentral's CA Workers' Compensation Flowchart 2012 Edition. In addition, our attorneys have found the Workers' Comp Flowchart to be a valuable resource in the practice of law. The Flowchart is clear and concise, and is an excellent reference when dealing with the litigation of workers' comp claims.”

~Karen A. Dorian, Yrulegui & Roberts

“Since we have decided to advertise with WorkCompCentral, our website has received more hits than ever before. The banner logo is noticeable to everyone, which has created new interest in what we do. The exposure has proven to be well worth the investment.”

~Scott Middleman, Black Diamond Services


(818) 687-1665 or christina@workcompcentral.com