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Free Webinar: COVID-19 Effect: A Risk Professional's Perspective

Upcoming Live Seminars | 12/10/20 | 1070

This webinar is sponsored by MTI America, please visit their website by clicking HERE. Overview: Join us as we revisit the COVID-19 experience with a glimpse into how the pandemic has impacted risk professionals and specific industry segments according to the experts on our panel. We will take a look at COVID-19, share a high-level overview of how it has impacted the workers’ compensation industry at large, and how the pandemic has impacted several different industries according to experienced risk professionals and their takeaways so far.  Discussion includes: An o... Read More


Free Webinar: Intro to Traumatic Brain Injury and Recovery

Upcoming Live Seminars | 12/08/20 | 797

Overview: Join us for our webinar sponsored by Carisk Partners where they will provide an educational and informative discussion on traumatic brain injuries and the road to recovery. Head and brain injuries are the leading cause of long-term disability. Participants can expect to gain an understanding of the complexities associated with brain injuries, and what recovery looks like for the full spectrum of severity from mild to severe. Learning Objectives & Talking Points: Upon participation and completion of this program, students can look forward to receiving more information on... Read More


The COVID-19 Effect - A Florida Update

Free Online Training | 09/29/20 | 3028

Overview: With five months behind us since our last visit to this topic, our expert panel will take a hard look at COVID-19 and how the pandemic has impacted the State of Florida and it's injured worker experience. The panel will discuss whether or not there is currently a shortage of healthcare professionals in the state, how it may be impacting injured workers, and what employers should do. We will take a look at the Florida hospital system, what the current status is in regards to ICU bed capacity -- what areas in Florida are experiencing the most significant impact and how does tha... Read More


It's Never Too Late to Recover

Free Online Training | 09/24/20 | 2916

Overview: In the midst of this pandemic, our nation is still facing an opioid crisis and recent studies show overdoses have increased. This is confounded by the present mental health of our country and the ability to access medical care. Effective alternatives are available to those in need of helping with both acute and chronic injuries. Topics to be Discussed: Join us to hear the stories of two Wounded Warriors and a Pain Management Specialist taking a different successful approach to treating chronic injuries. This discussion will focus on: Breaking the cycle when the ... Read More


Pay What You Owe - 4D Industry and Impact on Treatment, Claim Cycle Time and Risk Management

Free Online Training | 09/17/20 | 2078

Overview: Innovation in the Workers’ Compensation industry is often challenging to find. 4D is a resource that provides critical information to help with understanding the legitimacy of an injury.  It allows the claims professional to better navigate treatment options, reduces unnecessary surgeries and treatment, and serves as an apportionment resource.  Topics to be Discussed: What is the 4D category?  How can it be used in Workers’ Compensation?  Why is it so compelling?  What are the key pillars to 4D and how do they combine to provide a ... Read More


Race Inequity - Leading Change

Free Online Training | 08/26/20 | 2146

Overview: A continuing discussion around creating equitable workplaces for people of color within the workers’ compensation ecosystem. In our second installment of the ongoing discussion around race, equity, equality, and inclusion we will expand our audience to hear from other stakeholders within the workers’ compensation community.    The grim leadership advancement statistic for women and people of color requires sustained action and more than a public statement to move forward. In this webinar we will discuss what happens after we create the public facing statement ... Read More