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Free Courses

Free Webinar: Prosthetic Update for Lower Limb Amputation

Upcoming Live Seminars | 10/28/21 | 1532

Overview: In this webinar, we will review standard terms associated with prosthetics and levels of amputation of the lower limbs. Discuss the timeline for rehabilitation after lower limb amputation. Phases of creating a lower limb prosthetic design, including the evaluation process; interface materials; types of suspension available; categories of prosthetic feet and knees; and additional components incorporated into a prosthesis for maximized user outcomes. At the end of this webinar, participants will understand that lower limb prosthetics are not one size fits all. Learning Objec... Read More

Free Webinar: Understanding Behavioral Health Conditions and Treatments in Workers’ Compensation

Free Online Training | 09/16/21 | 2830

Overview: - Mental illness results in lost earnings of $193 billion dollars annually.  - Concern is elevated for workers’ compensation and auto no-fault claimants, as injuries can increase the risk of developing mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). - Injury-related symptoms, such as chronic pain and insomnia, can further precipitate and prolong mental illness. Session Discussion: This webinar, presented by David Vittoria with Carisk Partners, will discuss: Behavioral health issues in workers&... Read More

The Evolving Role of Claims Adjusters and How it Can Impact Your Risk Management Program

Free Online Training | 09/02/21 | 1881

Overview: Over the years, the opportunity for adjusters to have more impact has changed, bringing with it a more strategic and dynamic approach to claims and promoting better outcomes across the board. Risk managers and claims managers are not only tasked with proactively protecting against risks; they’re looking at how to reduce expenses.  The adjuster is such an important part of the process. They have a financial responsibility and are held more so accountable for today than 10 years ago.  The adjuster plays a vital role during a claim’s lifecycle. From interact... Read More

Avoid the Lawyer Up: 5 Things You Should Know About Language Services in Workers’ Compensation

Free Online Training | 08/26/21 | 6001

Overview: There are approximately 19 million Limited English Proficient (LEP) workers in the US, which is nearly 1 in 10 working-age adults according to the most recent Census. In the workers’ compensation industry, the demand for language services grew during the pandemic and is not slowing down with the current questions surrounding vaccine efficacy and the uncertainties presented by the Delta variant. When an injured worker with limited English proficiency doesn’t fully understand the workers’ compensation process, healthcare instructions, and the climate of COVID-19... Read More

Racial Inequity - One Year Later

Free Online Training | 08/05/21 | 4275

Overview: WorkCompCentral and our distinguished panel will discuss racial inequity in the workers' compensation industry - one year after our initial webinar took place. Where does the discussion about racial inequity begin? Do we have a problem in our industry? What can we do about it? What can you do? How do we move the needle in the right direction? Join Anthony Culpepper and panel as they discuss racial inequity in our industry. The panel will offer a frank and open discussion that includes personal stories and experiences about race inequity in our industry as well as provide... Read More

Understanding Knee Injuries: The Role of Physical Therapy in Workers' Comp

Free Online Training | 06/22/21 | 3786

Overview: The Knee is the 3rd most often injured body part at work. There are a variety of potential injuries and surgery is common when damage to ligaments and cartilage occurs. Any job involving standing and walking is influenced by knee injuries. Understanding the Knee is key to better claims management for this body part. Learning Objectives: Upon completion of the program, participants should have a better understanding of: The anatomy of the knee. Common knee injuries. Treatment options for these injuries. The role of the Physical Therapy in managing the inju... Read More

Brain Injury - Employing Hybrid Telehealth Advances to Improve Evaluation, and Outcomes

Free Online Training | 05/13/21 | 3155

Overview: Brain injury is often referred to as a silent epidemic, as it is not well understood by the general public or by many healthcare professionals. Often, people with a brain injury have not been properly diagnosed and have not received treatment essential to healing. As a result, individuals are overmedicalized, with a corresponding increase in disability, with costs and lost productivity estimated at $76.5 billion annually. This panel presentation will demonstrate how advanced biometric telehealth systematically is employed to dramatically improve diagnosis, treatm... Read More

Delayed Recovery Due to COVID

Free Online Training | 04/08/21 | 2571

Overview: We are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  As vaccines become more available and are distributed, we all may feel more comfortable in securing the things we need.  For a segment of our population, the inability to access care has caused a delay in recovering from injuries and illnesses.  Recent studies suggest some individuals who are unable to secure elective surgeries have turned to opioids.  Deaths related to opioid abuse rose during the pandemic. Learning Objectives: This session will discuss: COVID’s true impact on me... Read More

Online Courses

An Insider’s Analysis of the AMA Guides and Case Law Update

Rating | 07/23/21 | 4654

Overview: In this webinar, you will get an insider’s look at the AMA Guides by noted AMA author Kenneth Kingdon, which will provide perspective and understanding of ambiguous and controversial Guides issues.   In addition, Mr. Kingdon will be addressing recent case law on rating and apportionment issues. Learning Objectives: Upon completion, participants should have a better understanding of: Current trends at the WCAB on apportionment and disability issues based on recent case law. Underutilized rating criteria in the Guides Significant mistakes in... Read More

Series: Fundamentals of Securing Coverage, Employer Bill of Rights, Work Comp Policy and its Endorsements

Comp Overview / Background | 05/19/21 | 10218

Overview: WorkCompCentral has partnered with Randy Pollak, Managing Attorney at Wintersteen & Casarez (WC Law Corp.), to bring you this three-part webinar series where he will touch on important topics, such as: Fundamentals of Securing Work Comp Coverage, The Employer Bill of Rights and Good Faith Claims Handling, The Work Comp Policy and its Endorsements. Series Topics: Part 1: The Fundamentals of Securing Work Comp Coverage – What Can Possibly Go Wrong? Learn the essential features of how employers secure workers’ compensation coverage and how there are pitfalls e... Read More

2021 Finalized Med Legal Fee Schedule Update

Billing / Fee Schedule | 04/23/21 | 5656

Overview: Learn the new Medical-Legal Fee Schedule. The fee schedule methodology and coding has completely changed. The course will teach you how the new schedule works so you can use it accurately. The revised schedule is slated to take effect for services rendered on or after 4/1/21.  Program Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this program, students will: Learn the new and revised definitions of key elements. Learn the new coding for the various services included under this schedule. Learn the changed methodology for determining the appropriate fee. Lear... Read More

2021 Annual Rating Event

Rating | 04/17/21 | 4740

Overview: This program offers expert instruction and advice on rating, while providing the students with the upper hand in everyday issues with your cases. Students will walk away with an understanding of how to deal with permanent disability issues, rating instructions, formal ratings, and how to cross-examine the rater. In addition, students will find out what a Judge is looking for when deciding a rating issue. Program Learning Objectives: - Rating case law update - Mistakes in the Guides - Overlooked rating issues - Anatomy of a medical report – What is substantial evidence? - W... Read More

2021 MCLE and Ethics Program

Rating | 02/27/21 | 4309

Overview: With a few exceptions, most attorneys who are actively practicing law in California must take 25 hours of MCLE every three years and file a report with the State Bar. Those hours must include the following: At least four hours of legal ethics At least one hour on competence issues At least one hour in an area called the Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society This program provides the six hours of "Special Requirement" training, within t... Read More

Online 40-Hour CA Medical Bill Review Credential Program

Credentials / Certifications | 09/11/20 | 3872

Overview: WorkCompCentral has partnered with Sue Honor to develop a fresh and comprehensive training series that meets state requirements for workers' compensation bill review. Sue is the former manager of the California DWC Medical Unit. Whether you are a California-based bill review company or out of state, California Code of Regulations mandates this level of training to process medical bills for injured workers. Students who complete all of the coursework will meet the California Department of Insurance requirements laid out in Title 10, 2592.04 of the California Code of Regu... Read More

Part 3: The Essential Guide to Subrogation and 3rd Party Credit Issues

Liens, Lien / Hearing Rep | 08/27/20 | 1140

Overview: WorkCompCentral has partnered with Randy Pollak, Managing Attorney at Pacific Compensation Insurance to bring you this three-part webinar series where he will touch on important topics, such as: Liens, Interpreter Costs, and an essential guide to subrogation and 3rd party credit issues for claims examiners. Overview:   Do you know the differences between subrogation and credit?  Do you need a refresher? This webinar presentation will provide an essential guide to the ins and outs of how to get your money back when a third party has caused the worker’s injury while... Read More