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Free Courses

Free Webinar: Foot Injuries, Diabetes and Workers' Compensation

Upcoming Live Seminars | 06/20/23 | 1309

Overview: This course will explain the prevalence, pathophysiology, evaluation, and treatment recommendations of diabetic foot ulcers. Additionally, causation analysis will also be discussed. Learning Objectives: Attendees can look to find the answers to these questions and more: How do diabetic foot ulcers develop? What should the examination show? Treatments - what are the levels of evidence? How to determine causation? Continuing Educaiton: California Claims have been approved. Texas and Florida claims are still pending approval. Instructors: Dr. Trang Nguye... Read More

How to Ensure An IME/PQME is an Effective Tool When Managing a Claim

Free Online Training | 04/20/23 | 4646

Overview: An Independent Medical Exam (IME) can be an effective tool for claims management, but navigating the timelines and regulations can be challenging, especially in the Golden State.  In this webinar, we go beyond the basics and dive into some of the steps and regulatory procedures surrounding IMEs and PQMEs.  Participants will walk away with effective strategies to put into practice immediately to ensure an IME/PQME is an effective tool when managing a claim. Learning Objectives: During the webinar, our instructors will answer these questions and more: When shou... Read More

Social Responsibility & Workers' Compensation: Containing Costs while Making a Positive Community Impact

Free Online Training | 03/28/23 | 4022

Overview: When it comes to Return-to-Work programs, one size does not fit all. Companies need options that focus on whole person recovery and minimize disruption to the organization’s day-to-day operations. Injured workers can be accommodated with temporary light-duty work at non-profit organizations. The employer and carrier can significantly reduce workers’ compensation costs while giving back to the community by using a charity organization as an offsite modified duty option. This type of program can help employees return to work faster, reduce risk and symptoms of depressio... Read More

The Impact of Remote Work and Home Offices on Workers Compensation

Free Online Training | 03/16/23 | 4744

Overview: New Year, New Normal, New Workplace…New Rules? The Impact of Remote Work and Home Offices on Workers’ Compensation In this webinar, ODG by MCG’s VP of Government Affairs, Patrick F. Robinson, JD, MBA, will discuss the origin and recent trends concerning telework/home offices, how different jurisdictions have analyzed work accidents occurring at home, and suggested best practices for incorporating remote employment in workers’ compensation. Learning Objectives: Understand the history of telework/home offices Evaluate recent trends in remo... Read More

So You Have Accepted a COVID-19 Claim, Now What? Senate Bill 22 and its Impact on Your Claims Handling in Texas

Free Online Training | 02/09/23 | 3849

Overview: This course is designed to assist attorneys and insurance adjusters in their understanding of work related COVID-19 claims, claims coverage issues (compensability), the COVID-19 presumption created by Senate Bill (SB 22),    The course has also been developed to provide education and knowledge about COVID-19 workers’ compensation claims for attorneys, insurance adjusters, case managers, and managed care professionals. There is a strong emphasis on the COVID-19 virus, compensability and job “course and scope” issues associated with the virus, case m... Read More

Free Webinar: Best Practices- Coordinating Home Healthcare

Free Online Training | 01/19/23 | 2109

Overview: In this course you’ll hear from a home health nurse on the key points to reduce falls in the home and minimize readmission to the hospital for your clients.  We’ll discuss important topics including, transitioning home from the hospital safely, creating a good plan of care,  medication management and following up on the care plan with nurses and caregivers.  A home health nurse can be your eyes and ears in the home as you manage client care. Learning Objectives: Key elements of a safe transition from hospital to home Simple techniques to redu... Read More

Medicare $1K Penalties, You Ready?

Free Online Training | 12/07/22 | 3069

Course Overview: In this session, we will discuss a 15-year-old law that consistently confuses and frustrates responsible reporting entities in our industry. Medicare is about to publish its final regulations on how they will fine you up to $1,000 per day if you do not comply with this law. This rule is expected to be published in February 2023. Join us to discuss strategies to avoid penalties, specifically how to prevent incurring $1,000 per day per file. Learning Objectives: After this webinar, attendees will be able to: identify current activities that could lead to fines u... Read More

Innovative Tech Trends in Workers' Compensation, Managed Care, & Safety

Claims | 11/17/22 | 3903

iew:rview: Course Overview: The property and casualty insurance industry traditionally lags when adopting new technologies. Most of us joke about it on convention room floors and during happy hours, but in recent years, technology and the concept of digital transformation has accelerated at an incredible pace. It is resonating through almost every aspect of the claims journey by way of technology-enabled apps, cloud technology, rapid advancements in clinical and operational systems, staffing, and overall culture. In this webinar, we will review some of the technological advancements that are... Read More

Online Courses

2023 MCLE Super Saturday

New Law / Case Law | 01/07/23 | 2338

Overview: With a few exceptions, most attorneys who are actively practicing law in California must take 25 hours of MCLE every three years and file a report with the State Bar. On and after January 1, 2022, while all attorneys will still be required to complete 25 hours of MCLE every three years, the total hours must now include no less than seven hours as follows: At least four hours of legal ethics. At least two hours dealing with the elimination of bias. Of the two hours, at least one hour must focus on implicit bias and the promotion of bias-reducing strategies. At least on... Read More

Winter 2022 Case Law Update

New Law / Case Law | 12/10/22 | 1664

Overview: Join us for our final 2022 California Case Law Update on the WCAB rules and regulations in our half-day webinar focused on Case Law Updates and the new WCAB Rules of Practice and Procedure that went into effect on January 1, 2022.   Our Dream Team presents case law like no other workers’ compensation organization by describing the case and the potential effect the case has on the practice of workers’ compensation law from the applicant's attorney’s perspective, the defense counsel’s perspective, and a judge’s perspective.  The program&rs... Read More

2022 WorkCompCentral Annual Rating Event

Rating | 06/18/22 | 16012

Overview: This program offers expert instruction and advice on rating, while providing the students with the upper hand in everyday issues with your cases. Students will walk away with an understanding of how to deal with permanent disability issues, rating instructions, formal ratings, and how to cross-examine the rater. In addition, students will find out what a Judge is looking for when deciding a rating issue. Program Learning Objectives: - Rating and apportionment case law update - Mistakes in the AMA Guides, 5th Ed. - Underutilized issues in the AMA Guides, 5th Ed. - Anato... Read More

PEO's: Professional Employer Organizations = A Shell Game? and Prosecution & Defense of UE Cases

Comp Overview / Background | 04/23/22 | 14139

Overview: This is a four-hour MCLE program that addresses the specific issues of the prosecution and defense of cases involving employee leasing companies, general-special employment law, and handling cases when the employer or the PEO is uninsured. Learning Objectives: Upon completion, attendees can be sure to take away these main points: Attendees will understand the origin and evolution of employee leasing companies Is a PEO the injured worker’s employer? How to properly name defendants How to conduct discovery when a PEO or employee leasing agreement is in effe... Read More

2022 CA Case Law and WCAB Rules Update

New Law / Case Law | 02/05/22 | 12905

  Overview: It has been two years since WorkCompCentral's last Case Law Update or an update on the WCAB rules and regulations. Join us for a half-day webinar focused on Case Law Updates and the new WCAB Rules of Practice and Procedure that go into effect on January 1, 2022.   Hear from our esteemed instructor panel on important updates to California workers' compensation laws that affect your practice from the past two years: Updated knowledge of case law from 2020-2021 Review of underutilized strategies to implement in your law practice Improv... Read More

Supreme Court Decides: How Will Medicaid Impact Your Client's Case?

New Law / Case Law | 01/26/22 | 8484

Overview: Our panel, made up of Medicaid law experts Rafael Gonzalez, Esq. and John Cattie, Esq. will discuss state and federal statutory law, prior case law, and the oral arguments made to the Supreme Court on Monday, January 10, 2022. It will also provide a detailed analysis of the briefs filed by both sides, as well as the various amicus curiae briefs filed by several groups with an interest in this issue, including the United States, American Association for Justice, American Academy of Physician Life Care Planners, National Conference of State Legislators, National League of Cities, US ... Read More

An Insider’s Analysis of the AMA Guides and Case Law Update

Rating | 07/23/21 | 9015

Overview: In this webinar, you will get an insider’s look at the AMA Guides by noted AMA author Kenneth Kingdon, which will provide perspective and understanding of ambiguous and controversial Guides issues.   In addition, Mr. Kingdon will be addressing recent case law on rating and apportionment issues. Learning Objectives: Upon completion, participants should have a better understanding of: Current trends at the WCAB on apportionment and disability issues based on recent case law. Underutilized rating criteria in the Guides Significant mistakes in... Read More