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Definition: Acronym for American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine; typically used in reference to the organization's medical treatment guidelines publication (ACOEM Guidelines) used in many workers' compensation systems for directing medical care.
Term: ADA
Definition: Acronym for 'Americans with Disabilities Act'. A Federal law governing the rights of persons with disabilities.
Term: Administrative Director
Definition: The office of the chief executive for the workers' compensation system.
Term: Agreed Medical Examination
Definition: An impartial medical examination that is agreed upon by the parties to resolve a medical dispute. See also Qualified Medical Examination.
Term: Alternative Work
Definition: A term of art in vocational rehabilitation. In lieu of providing vocational rehabilitation, an employer may opt to place the injured worker in a new position subject to the treating physician's approval. See also Vocational Rehabilitation.
Term: AME
Definition: Acronym for 'Agreed Medical Examination'. An impartial medical examination that is agreed upon by the parties to resolve a medical dispute. See also QME.
Definition: Acronym for workers' compensation term of art: 'Arising Out of Employment or Course of Employment'. To be compensable, an injury must be found to be 'AOE/COE'.
Term: Appeals Board
Definition: Short for 'Workers' Compensation Appeals Board'.
Term: Application
Definition: Short for 'Application for Adjudication of Claim'. A form used to initiate the jurisdiction of the WCAB for litigating a workers' compensation claim.
Term: Apportionment
Definition: Ascribing a portion of permanent disability to another cause, usually a prior injury, that had, or would have, produced some disability independent of the industrial injury.
Term: Arbitration
Definition: An informal dispute resolution method where the issues are decided by a person or panel of persons selected by the parties to resolve a dispute. An alternative to Trial.
Term: Arbitrator
Definition: A person vested with jurisdictional powers to resolve a dispute, make findings and decisions outside of the formal processes established for hearings before the WCAB.
Term: Award
Definition: A final order for the issuance of a workers' compensation benefit. This may be pursuant to a settlement (often called Stipulated Award) or after a hearing/trial. Often, this term is used in conjunction with the device by which it is rendered, such as 'Stipulated Award' or 'Findings and Award'.
Term: AWW
Definition: Acronym for 'Average Weekly Earnings'. All indemnity benefits are determined by a percentage of the average weekly earnings of the injured worker.