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Term: WCAB
Definition: Acronym for 'Workers' Compensation Appeals Board'. Though this term technically describes the official administrative body charged with oversite of the adjudicatory arm of the Department of Industrial Accidents for workers' compensation claim, it is used synonymously to describe local 'trial level' jurisdictions.
Term: WCJ
Definition: Workers' Compensation Judge, changed to 'workers' compensation administrative law judge' (L.C. Sect. 27), but 'WCJ' or 'Judge' is used almost exclusively. Also, 'WCR,' or 'Workers' Compensation Referee' is used synonymously.
Term: WCR
Definition: Workers Compensation Referee; see 'WCJ,' supra.
Term: Writ
Definition: Petition for Writ of Review, the second level of appeal to a District Court of Appeal following an unsuccessful Petition for Reconsideration to the WCAB.
Term: Writ Denied
Definition: Order from an Appellate Court, or the Supreme Court, when the court refuses to hear a case where one or more parties have filed a Petition for Writ of Review. Writ Denied CCC (see CCC in this glossary) is not precedence nor is it citable in legal documents because it is not a court opinion, merely a summary of the papers filed with the Appellate or Supreme Court seeking the issuance of a Writ of Review.
Term: Writ of Review
Definition: An order of a State Appellate Court or the Supreme Court whereby a decision of the WCAB will be reviewed.