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Term: IMC
Definition: Industrial Medical Council
Term: In Propria Persona
Definition: A legal term of art based in Latin which means 'representing self'. Refers to a litigant who represents himself, and is not represented by an attorney.
Term: Indemnity
Definition: A benefit delivered by payment of money. Distinguished from benefits delivered by a service, such as medical treatment.
Term: Independent Contractor
Definition: A person who provides services on contract to another, uses his or her own tools, and is not subject to the direction or control of the hiring party in the detail or manner of the performance of the work. Compare to 'Employee'.
Term: Industrial Injury
Definition: An injury that occurs during or because of work.
Term: Informal Conference
Definition: An informal meeting of the parties in an attempt to resolve vocational rehabilitaiton disputes. Required before the parties may request a Formal Conference.
Term: Initial Aggressor
Definition: Injuries arising out of an altercation which are sustained by the employee who started the altercation may not be compensable.
Term: Interrogatory
Definition: Formal questions set forth in writing to a witness requiring a response under oath.