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Term: D.O.I.
Definition: Acronym for Date Of Injury
Term: Date Of Injury
Definition: The date on which the injury is deemed to have occurred, which may be different than the actual date of an incident producing an injury. This is a term of art in workers' compensation from which certain rights and liabilities of the parties flow.
Term: Declaration Of Readiness
Definition: This is the document that is filed with the WCAB to obtain a hearing date. Also called a 'DOR'
Term: Deductible
Definition: A dollar amount paid by an insured before policy benefits begin. Insurers typically assume the remaining share of costs.
Term: Denial
Definition: The act of denying liability for a claim. See also 'Denial Letter'.
Term: Denial Letter
Definition: The document sent to the employee by the employer or insurance company advising that the claim for workers' compensation benefits has been denied.
Term: Deposition
Definition: The act of taking testimony under oath before a Certified Short-hand or Court Reporter.
Term: Direct Costs
Definition: Those expenses associated with a worker's injury claim, such as lost wages, medical care, fees, and other claims costs. Direct costs are most often the workers' compensation costs employers will tackle because they are the most visible and tangible.
Term: Discovery
Definition: The process of obtaining information about a claim. This includes subpoenaing records, depositions, medical examinations, investigations.
Term: DOR
Definition: Acronym for 'Declaration of Readiness to Proceed'. This is the document that is filed with the WCAB to obtain a hearing date.
Term: DWC
Definition: Division of Workers' Compensation.