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Term: P & S
Definition: Describes a medical condition which is not expected to get appreciably better or worse. A prelude to permanent disability. Same as 'Permanent and Stationary'.
Term: PD or PPD
Definition: Permanent Disability or Permanent Partial Disability Indemnity.
Term: PDR
Definition: Permanent Disability Rating.
Term: Penalty
Definition: An increase of a benefit due to the unreasonable failure or refusal by an employer or insurance company to provide a benefit that is due.
Term: Permanent & Stationary
Definition: Describes a medical condition which is not expected to get appreciably better or worse. A prelude to permanent disability. The same as 'P&S'.
Term: Permanent Disability
Definition: An assessment of disability which is not expected to change dramatically and upon which permanent disability indemnity is based. See also permanent disabiliy rating and permanent & stationary.
Term: Permanent Disability Rating
Definition: The numerical assessment of a physician's description of an injured worker's permanent disability. This is derived by applicant of the functions in the permanent disability rating manual to the language used by the physician to describe the disability, usually involving workers' compensation terms of art.
Term: PERS
Definition: Public Employees' Retirement System.
Term: Petition For Reconsideration
Definition: A petition to the WCAB to review a final order, award or decision of a workers' compensation judge.
Term: Petition For Writ of Review
Definition: A request to the State Appellate or Supreme Court to review a decision of the WCAB after Reconsideration. See also Reconsideration.
Term: Petition to Reopen
Definition: The document filed with the WCAB and insurance company alleging a change in conditions following an Award, and requesting the WCAB to revisit issues in the case. See also 'New & Further'.
Term: Post Termination
Definition: Some claims may be barred if they are made following a termination of employment.
Term: PPO
Definition: The preferred provider organization is a form of managed health care through which subscribers choose their own doctors and care centers and a menu of benefits.
Term: PR-1
Definition: A form also known as the Doctor's First Report of Injury. This is a form that physicians are required to fill out and file with the insurance company within 5 days of seeing an industrially injured worker.
Term: PR-2
Definition: A form physicans may use to report medical activity regarding an injured worker. Physicians are required to report at intervals of at least 45 days when actively treating an injured worker.
Term: Primary Physician
Definition: The physician elected by the injured worker primarily responsible for managing his or her medical treatment where more than one physician or specialist is involved.
Term: Proximate Cause
Definition: The direct cause of the incident giving rise to legal liability.