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Term: SCIF
Definition: State Compensation Insurance Fund, pronounced 'skiff'
Term: Self Insurance
Definition: A program whereby the employer essentially acts as its own insurance company and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Insurance Commissioner.
Term: Self-Procured
Definition: Medical treatment of employee which has not been authorized by the employer
Term: Service
Definition: The act of delivering a document to a party in litigation in accordance with the rules of procedure governing the litigation.
Term: SGE
Definition: Suitable Gainful Employment
Term: SIF
Definition: Subsequent Injuries Fund
Term: SOL
Definition: Statute of Limitations
Term: Specific Injury
Definition: An injury which occurs at a particular, defined moment in time. A one-time injury.
Term: SSA
Definition: Social Security Administration
Term: SSD
Definition: Social Security Disability
Term: SSI
Definition: Supplemental Security Income (Social Security)
Term: SSN
Definition: Social Security Number
Term: Standard Rating
Definition: A level of PD before adjusting for age and occupation
Term: State Disability
Definition: Payments by the Employment Development Dept. (EDD)
Term: Statute of Limitations
Definition: General time restrictions against filing or making a claim for benefits.
Term: Stip or Stips
Definition: Stipulations with Request for Award, signed by the parties. Following approval by the WCAB, 'and Award' is added.
Term: Sub Rosa
Definition: Latin for 'under cover'. Short for 'sub rosa investigation'. Typically refers to an undercover investigation which involves obtaining filmed evidence.
Term: Sub Rosa Investigation
Definition: An undercover investigation which typically involves obtaining filmed evidence. Sub Rosa is Latin for 'under cover'.
Term: Subpoena
Definition: A document certified by a workers' compensation judge requiring the presence of awitness to give testimony, or the production of documents or other physical things (subpoena duces tecum). Can also be a verb: 'Subpoena the witness to trial.'
Term: Substantial Evidence
Definition: Evidence that a reasonable mind might accept as adequate to support a conclusion. It is not the best or most evidence. So long as when the record as a whole is reviewed, there is enough evidence to upon which a decision may reasonably be made.
Term: Sumner
Definition: A preeminent case dictating that dependents of an injured worker are entitled to death benefits in the event the industrial injury leads to the injured worker's death.