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KY - Senate Passes Sweeping WC Changes

By William Rabb (Reporter)
03/23/2018 | 226 | 0 | 23 min read

The Kentucky Senate on Thursday passed a slightly modified version of a House bill that makes extensive changes to the state’s workers’ compensation system, including a provision that will limit permanent partial disability medical benefits to 15 years. Sen. Robert Stivers The Senate voted 23-14 for the modified HB 2, which also would create a drug formulary, improve some benefits for certain injuries and workers, limit attorneys’ fees and revamp a number of other sections of the state’s workers' compensation law. “I truly believe this will... Read More

CA - DIR Increases Efficiency of Labor Law Enforcement Efforts

By Greg Jones (Deputy Editor)
03/23/2018 | 270 | 0 | 18 min read

California labor inspectors are making fewer inspections, but are uncovering more violations with each inspection conducted. Julie Su The Bureau of Field Enforcement reduced the number of inspections it conducts every year since 2011. The bureau conducted 2,424 inspections in the 2015-16 fiscal year, about a quarter of the 9,201 inspections performed in 2011. Over the same period, the number of violations uncovered during these investigations dropped by more than half, to 2,072 from 4,769. However, the ratio of violations-to-inspections increased to 85.5% in 2016, the most recent fis... Read More

NATL. - Attention Turns to Cost Savings as Telemedicine Gains Momentum

By Elaine Goodman (medical/business Reporter)
03/23/2018 | 184 | 0 | 19 min read

Occupational medicine provider Concentra has had hundreds of visits with injured workers via telemedicine since launching its telemedicine program in California last year and is now expanding the service to Illinois, Michigan and New Mexico. The expansion into three new states is part of an “aggressive growth plan” in which the company will offer its telemedicine service in most states by the end of the year, Concentra said in a news release. Illinois, Michigan, and New Mexico were chosen for expansion “due to the presence of large employer communities, an abundance of Conc... Read More

NY - No Benefits for State Employee Injured in Fall on Public Sidewalk

By WorkCompCentral
03/23/2018 | 66 | 0 | 21 min read

A New York appellate court ruled that a state employee was not entitled to benefits for her injuries in a fall on a public sidewalk while walking to her office building. Case: Matter of Brennan v. New York State Department of Health, No. 525111, 03/22/2018, published. Facts: Eileen Brennan worked for the New York State Department of Health. She suffered injuries in a fall in June 2014 while walking to her office. Brennan had parked her vehicle in a state-owned garage one block away from her office that she paid for via biweekly payroll deductions, then proceeded down a public sidewalk. She ... Read More

IA - Court Upholds Commissioner's Resolution of Conflicting Medical Opinions

By Sherri Okamoto (Legal Reporter)
03/23/2018 | 45 | 0 | 45 min read

The Iowa Court of Appeals ruled that substantial evidence supported a decision of a workers’ compensation commissioner to deny a worker’s request for permanent disability benefits after weighing the conflicting opinions of two doctors. Case: Merrick v. Crestridge Inc., No. 17-0745, 03/21/2018, published. Facts: Velene Merrick began working at a retirement home operated by Crestridge Inc. in April 2011. After a few months on the job, she suffered an injury to her right shoulder. Merrick went to see Dr. Jerald Bybee on the day of her injury. An X-ray revealed no fractures or ... Read More


IL - Keefe: Can Employer/Claims Handler Put Claimant Back to Light Work at Charity?

By Eugene Keefe
03/22/2018 | 76 | 0 | min read

I am asked this question all the time. We had a reader send us a brilliant article by an excellent Illinois defense attorney, Jessica Bell, that was published in the Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel Quarterly. I salute her hard work and acumen in this growing area of U.S. workers’ compensation law. Eugene Keefe This situation arises when an employee is injured at work and cannot immediately return to his former job due to medical restrictions resulting from the work injury. The employer or claims manager assumes the work restrictions are temporary and should b... Read More

MT - Supreme Court Clarifies Retroactive Application of Changes in Procedural Laws

By WorkCompCentral
03/23/2018 | 49 | 0 | 119 min read

The Montana Supreme Court backed away from its own precedent on the retroactive application of changes in the law, saying its most recent decision on this issue had contained an overly broad analysis incorrectly suggesting that a procedural statute in effect at the time of trial doesn’t apply to claims based on injuries that predated an amendment to the statute. Case: Murphy v. WestRock Co., No. DA 17-0172, 03/20/2018, published. Facts: Carl Murphy suffered injuries to his back, neck and shoulder while working at the Smurfit-Stone Container mill in 1991. Smurfit-Stone accepted liabili... Read More

Sullivan On Comp

NY - Worker Lost Ability to Challenge Board Decision Denying Benefits

By WorkCompCentral
03/23/2018 | 51 | 0 | 6 min read

A New York appellate court ruled that a worker’s failure to appeal from a board decision denying him benefits prevented it from reviewing the merits of the decision. Case: Brasher v. Sam Dell’s Dodge Corp., No. 523096, 03/22/2018, published. Facts and procedural history: David Brasher established two workers’ compensation claims against his employer, Sam Dell’s Dodge Corp., based on injuries he suffered in 1986 and in 2002. In 2015, a workers’ compensation law judge found that Brasher’s injuries had left him with a 75% permanent partial disability, b... Read More

WV - Split Supreme Court Overturns Denial of Benefits for Worker With Neck Injury

By WorkCompCentral
03/23/2018 | 45 | 0 | 40 min read

The West Virginia Supreme Court overturned a denial of benefits to a worker for a neck injury, finding he had provided sufficient evidence to show his injury had happened at work and that he had followed the proper protocol for pursuing his claim. Case: Boyko v. Speed Mining, No. 17-1030, 03/21/2018, published. Facts: William Boyko worked for Speed Mining. While he was at work in July 2015, he walked into a roof bolt and was knocked onto his back. Boyko did not undergo a medical evaluation for his neck until he went to see Dr. Kate Wilks in December 2015. He reported the July incident to th... Read More

NJ - Veteran Fire Captain Gets $270,000 in WC Retaliation Claim

03/23/2018 | 122 | 0 | 44 min read

The Paterson City Council this week agreed to pay a former fire captain $270,000 to settle a lawsuit that claimed the 26-year veteran was dismissed because of a workers' compensation payout, the Paterson Times newspaper reported. Former Capt. Carl Larson claimed retaliation and age discrimination after he said he was forced to retire in 2013 after winning more than $105,000 in injury benefits. His case was initially dismissed in court, but an appeals court in October ruled in his favor on several points. The fire chief at the time allegedly told Larson that the city felt that the fire ca... Read More

HI - Committee Passes Firefighter Cancer Treatment Bill

03/23/2018 | 44 | 0 | 4 min read

A Hawaii House of Representatives committee passed a bill that would increase payment for medical services provided to firefighters with accepted cancer claims. Sen. Rosalyn Baker The House Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce voted 8-0 on Wednesday to pass SB 2660, by Sen. Rosalyn Baker, D-Maui. The bill would set the payment for medical services provided to firefighters on accepted cancer claims at 137% of the fee schedule amount. The measure would also require private carriers to pay for treatment when a firefighter’s cancer claim is denied. If the claim is later accept... Read More

HI - Senator Seeks Study of Bill Review Costs

03/23/2018 | 51 | 0 | 1 min read

A Hawaii state senator wants to know whether medical bill review might drive costs in the workers’ compensation system. Sen. Jill N. Tokuda Sen. Jill N. Tokuda, D-Kane’ohe, introduced a pair of resolutions that would request the state auditor to complete before the start of the 2019 legislative session an assessment of the impact of bill review on overall system costs. Senate Concurrent Resolution 54 and Senate Resolution 25 both say bill-review costs are classified as allocated expenses and are often not considered when comparing total provider service costs. The resolu... Read More

MA - WC Rates Drop Further After AG Intervenes

03/23/2018 | 96 | 0 | 33 min read

Intervention by the state's attorney general in the rate-making process has led to 12.9% drop in workers' compensation premiums, the office announced Thursday. AG Maura Healey The rollback will save Massachusetts businesses about $150 million, Attorney General Maura Healey said in a news release. “When we lower the rates for workers’ compensation insurance, we protect workers and allow businesses to invest in higher wages and growth," she said. The Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of Massachusetts filed a proposal last December to lower... Read More

SC - New Fee Schedule Will Result in 1.5% Cut in Physician Spending

03/23/2018 | 72 | 0 | 49 min read

The South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission has approved an update to the Medical Services Provider Manual that will add the latest Current Procedural Terminology codes established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  The commission voted to retain the $50 conversion factor, used to calculate prices according to relative value units, that was adopted in August 2017. The conversion factor is multiplied by the relative value units assigned to each CPT, then adjusted by location according to the Medicare's Geographic Pricing Cost Indices, to determin... Read More

FL - Appalachian Underwriters Hires Lili Saunders in Sanford

03/23/2018 | 41 | 0 | 2 min read

Appalachian Underwriters Inc. has added workers’ compensation underwriter Lilyana “Lili” Saunders to the company’s office in Sanford, Florida. Saunders will be writing small workers’ comp accounts and building relationships with agents. Saunders has been in the insurance industry for 10 years, beginning with an investigative company. She has more than six years of experience in workers’ compensation. Saunders is one of several new employees added to Appalachian Underwriters’ Sanford office over the past few months. Appalachian Underwriters is an in... Read More