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Comp Laude® Award Winner

Summa Comp Laude is the highest distinction in the academic world, and thus it is in our awards world as well.

More than recognizing academic achievement, to our judges the Summa Comp Laude is based on unwavering commitment to improving workers' compensation in all respects, recognizing the many different people that are necessary to accomplish the great mission of work comp; and understanding that while we all may have different ideas on how the ideal system should work, we do the best we can with what our lawmakers and regulators give us.

This person has been in workers' compensation for as long, or longer, than most of us. He tirelessly promotes workers' compensation wherever he goes to make sure that people understand the truly important role it plays to the economy.

It may seem odd that a white collar, insurance executive is the person we're going to recognize for this highest honor, but there really are very few people that demonstrate a true love for this industry and what its mission is than this person.

You may know him from social media exposure. You may have seen him speak at conferences and other events. You may have read his many writings on work comp.

He has challenged me many times in the past, and certainly we disagree on many work comp issues, but that's only because he really, really cares about the health of the workers' compensation industry and whether it is doing the best job it can to spread the risk of work injury or illness fairly across the employer base to provide adequate benefits to injured workers.

It's not easy being Mark Walls, Vice President Communications & Strategic Analysis at Safety National, but if anyone can do it, Mark can.

It is my distinct pleasure to present our highest Comp Laude recognition for his tireless, unrelenting, dedicated service to the workers' compensation mission to Mr. Mark Walls.

~David DePaolo