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Comp Laude® Award Winner

The Magna Comp Laude award goes to the person or entity that demonstrates worthiness of recognition with Great Honor. In the academic world this elevated distinction involved persons who achieve results placing them in the 80th percentile of all graduates. In the WorkCompCentral world this distinction is about the demonstration of extraordinary effort and resolve to make workers? comp the best it can be.

We have so many to recognize in workers' compensation that this was a difficult decision for the judges. Rising above the rest means dedication to purpose - and in the case of Marz Farms that purpose is taking care of the single biggest asset the business has, it's employees.

We've already heard about what Marz Farms has done for its employees with its ombudsmen intervening to ensure that injured workers not only get timely and expedient medical treatment, but a helping hand in understanding and navigating our complex system. In the farming world, and in fact in any employment world, Marz Farms stands out well above the rest and demonstrates they "get it." This is a philosophy that starts from the top down, so it is my pleasure to present the WorkCompCentral Magna Comp Laude award to Marz Farms.

~David DePaolo