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VRI HAS ARRIVED! (Video Remote Interpreter) App Aims to Bridge Injured Workers' Language Gap in the Workers Compensation Industry Using an iPhone.

Thursday, March 9, 2017 | 4016 | 0

VRI HAS ARRIVED! (Video Remote Interpreter)  App Aims to Bridge Injured Workers’ Language Gap in the Workers Compensation Industry Using an iPhone. 

Focus interpreting announced that they have launched a HIPPA compliant mobile app aiming to meet the increasing demand for Certified Language Interpreters in the Workers’ Compensation Industry. This app was created as a result of the growing concern over the WC current situation; many medical and legal consultations are canceled simply because there are not enough interpreters to cover all onsite assignments. Founder/ CEO Selin Cacao stated: “Many times I noticed that an LEP (Limited English Proficient) injured worker would arrive for their initial doctor’s appointment and there was no one available to help them communicate their needs. As a result, the staff would send them home. Or worse yet, try to help them without being properly trained, creating a huge dis-service.”  Focus VRI’s unique value proposition is to solve this problem by providing its clients and their injured workers access to a live interpreter via video using their iPhone. Not only is this service on demand and available 24/7, it bills only for the minutes used cutting the cost of interpreting services by eliminating all late cancelations, travel fees, mileage and the traditional two hour minimums. This app provides a time stamp and record of all consultations- enabling nurse case managers and adjusters to manage their files more efficiently. On the other hand the injured worker will always feel confidant knowing he has access to stellar communication when needed. 

“We believe the future of interpreting has arrived and we are excited to offer this service to the insurance carriers, TPA’s and everyone who can benefit from the utilization of this technology!” - Natalie Pena Co-founder Focus Interpreting.

For more information please contact: 

Focus Interpreting 

Selin Cacao 

800-374-5444 ext. 708