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Case Name: J.C. Penney v. WCAB 07/07/2009
Note: It is contrary to the spirit of section 4062 to permit a retrospective determination of a permanent and stationary date when to do so would be to allow a belated objection to a medical determination by the treating physician.
Citation: C059760
WCC Citation: WCC 35402009 CA
Case Name: J.T. Thorp, Inc. v. WCAB 03/20/1984
Note: An employee suffering from asbestosis may obtain reimbursement for predisability medical expenses and does not prohibit the board from awarding additional compensation for medical expenses or for disability manifesting itself more than five years after initial diagnosis or treatment.
Citation: 153 Cal.App.3d 327, 49 CCC 224
WCC Citation: WCC 26631984 CA
Case Name: Jablonski v. Royal Globe Ins. Co. 09/02/1988
Note: No immunity for TPA who committed intentional tort in investigating claim.
Citation: 204 Cal.App.3d 379, 53 CCC 402
WCC Citation: WCC 24261988 CA
Case Name: Jackson v. Home Depot 06/13/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Plaintiff knew or should have known better than to linger, even for a short period of time, near a ladder on which an employee is engaging in an obviously dangerous activity.
Citation: B196344
WCC Citation: WCC 33842008 CA
Case Name: Jackson v. Raley's 11/29/2012
Note: The 3rd District Court of Appeal ruled that a former supermarket worker could not hold his employer liable for its alleged failure to engage in a good faith interactive process to find accommodation for his disability when the worker himself failed to engage in the interactive process at all.
Citation: C067248
WCC Citation: WCC 39612012 CA
Case Name: Jackson v. WCAB 10/27/2005
Note: Employer must do more to rebut the presumption of compensability than present evidence that nothing in the employee's job caused his heart attack.
Citation: 133 Cal. App. 4th 965; 35 Cal. Rptr. 3d 256
WCC Citation: WCC 31282005 CA
Case Name: James W. Cristler et al. v. Express Messenger Systems 01/23/2009
Note: Drivers for a delivery service were independent contractors, even though the company had terminated its employees and contracted with them to perform the same duties.
Citation: D050719
WCC Citation: WCC 34822009 CA
Case Name: Janet v. IAC 12/01/1965
Note: TTD awarded where worker refused surgery that wasn't an aid to cure.
Citation: 238 Cal.App.2d 491, 30 CCC 411
WCC Citation: WCC 24841965 CA
Case Name: Janzen v. WCAB 12/30/1997
Note: Employment contract was entered into in CA; thus Sec. 5305 confers subject matter jurisdiction over dispute
Citation: 61 Cal.App.4th 109, 63 CCC 1
WCC Citation: WCC 24811997 CA
Case Name: Jeewarat v. Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. 09/03/2009
Note: An employee's attendance at an out-of-town business conference may be considered a special errand under the special errand doctrine and the errand is not concluded simply because the employee drives his regular commute route, but rather, the errand is concluded when the employee returns home or deviates from the errand for personal reasons.
Citation: B212323
WCC Citation: WCC 35592009 CA
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