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Case Name: John Futrell et al. v. Payday California, Inc., et al. 12/16/2010
Note: A class action suit against a payroll company for unpaid overtime and other wages failed because the payroll company was not his employer, the 2nd District Court of Appeal concluded in a published opinion.
Citation: B215110
WCC Citation: WCC 36962010 CA
Case Name: Johns-Manville vs. Sup. Court (Rudkin) 07/03/1980
Note: Employer civil liability if conceals knowledge of potential injury and connection with employment.
Citation: 27 Cal.3d 465
WCC Citation: WCC 28601980 CA
Case Name: Johnson v. John Deere Landscapes, Inc. 03/28/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Although the special employment factors do not unanimously favor a finding of special employment, there is no requirement of unanimity and there was no error in finding that John Deere Landscapes, Inc. was Claimant's 'special employer' and thus the relationship falls under the exclusive remedy provision.
Citation: A116643
WCC Citation: WCC 33342008 CA
Case Name: Johnson v. Pacific International Bearing, Inc. 12/27/2012
Note: Substantial evidence supported a jury's determination that an employer had not fired a poorly performing salesman with a history of lying to his boss because of a known or perceived physical disability.
Citation: A129774
WCC Citation: WCC 39662012 CA
Case Name: Johnson v. WCAB (City of LA) 07/13/1989
Note: Time limit for filing begins when WCJ issues a clarification of issues based in Petition for Reconsideration.
Citation: 54 CCC 256
WCC Citation: WCC 27331989 CA
Case Name: Johnson v. WCAB (Lentz) 07/30/1970
Note: Release of dependent's benefits valid;
Citation: 2 Cal.3d 964, 35 CCC 362
WCC Citation: WCC 25551970 CA
Case Name: Johnson v. WCAB (TWA) 11/19/1984
Note: Printing costs awarded to worker in answering petition for writ of review.
Citation: 37 Cal.3d 235, 49 CCC 716
WCC Citation: WCC 26241984 CA
Case Name: Johnston v. Kelly 01/03/2012
Note: An employer defeated a plaintiff's motion to strike a malicious prosecution suit that emanated from a failed Labor Code 132a claim.
Citation: F060909
WCC Citation: WCC 38422012 CA
Case Name: Jones v. 414 Equities LLC 10/28/2008
Note: In light of the brevity of the delay, the absence of prejudice to plaintiff and the public policy favoring the resolution of disputes on their merits, Supreme Court properly granted the general contractor's cross motion to serve a late answer.
Citation: 100477/05
WCC Citation: WCC 34442008 CA
Case Name: Jones v. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation 07/03/2007
Note: For conduct committed within the scope of employment, employees, like their employers, should not be held subject to suit. There are, however, statutory exceptions to coemployee immunity. A civil suit is permissible when an employee proximately causes another employee's injury or death by a 'willful and unprovoked physical act of aggression.'
Citation: 152 Cal. App. 4th 1367
WCC Citation: WCC 32332007 CA
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