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Case Name: Jones v. Newton 06/02/2010
Note: Given the trial court's generosity in granting plaintiff several opportunities to file a proper pleading, and plaintiff's failure to demonstrate that the defects in her third amended complaint could be cured, we readily conclude that the trial court properly sustained defendant's demurrer without leave to amend.
Citation: B217472
WCC Citation: WCC 36332010 CA
Case Name: Jones v. Opfer 11/23/2010
Note: The 3rd District Court of Appeal rejected an injured worker's attempt to blame the Sacramento County Superior Court for failing to bring a personal injury suit against an employer to trial within five years.
Citation: C062312
WCC Citation: WCC 36862010 CA
Case Name: Jones v. Regents 04/22/2010
Note: A trial court correctly struck an operating nurse's claims from her complaint because they were compensable under the workers' compensation system, and not the Fair Employment and Housing Act.
Citation: B215244
WCC Citation: WCC 36152010 CA
Case Name: Jones v. Sedgwick Claims Management 08/06/2009
Note: [Unpublished] The California Workers' Compensation system preempts a private cause of action by an injured worker against the independent claims administrator of her self-insured employer for the delay or refusal to pay compensation benefits.
Citation: B212160
WCC Citation: WCC 35512009 CA
Case Name: Jones v. Target Stores 10/26/1998
Note: No financial interest found if dr.'s pay not dependent on referrals; Lien not reimbursable if no pre-authorization.
Citation: 63 CCC 1385 (Bd. Panel Decision)
WCC Citation: WCC 3791998 CA
Case Name: Jones v. Ukiah Timber Products 09/15/1997
Note: Penalty for unreasonable delay in reimbursing medical transportation expense applied to full amount of medical treatment expenses.
Citation: 62 CCC 1257
WCC Citation: WCC 29021997 CA
Case Name: Jones v. WCAB 09/20/1971
Note: Deceased picket was doing what union required at time of death.
Citation: 20 Cal.App.3d 124, 36 CCC 563
WCC Citation: WCC 25871971 CA
Case Name: Jones v. Winter 03/09/2011
Note: The 2nd District Court of Appeal affirmed a decision awarding a self-represented worker $7,595 in a personal injury suit stemming from an auto accident.
Citation: B218717
WCC Citation: WCC 37242011 CA
Case Name: Jones, Brown, Clifford & McDevitt v. WCAB 10/28/1985
Note: Board must specifically state criteria relied upon in Reg. 10779 in awarding/altering atty. fee.
Citation: 50 CCC 618
WCC Citation: WCC 27151985 CA
Case Name: Jorge Pacheco v. Greenfield Restaurant and CIGA 12/18/2006
Note: WCAB Panel says proof burden was misdirected.
Citation: LAO0779068
WCC Citation: WCC 32012006 CA
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