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Florianman kleinman

Insurance Defense at statue of liberty
Phone 8053878605 ext 2
Email flofloflo@floflo.com
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Address 123 moliere avenue
thousand oaks
CA, 91360

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Case Law Library

Case Name: Levesque v. WCAB 01/22/1970
Note: Appeals Board's order can incorporate referee's report if basis of decision is clear.
Citation: 1 Cal. 3d 627
WCC Citation: WCC 30341970 CA
Case Name: Levin v. Canon Business Solutions 03/04/2010
Note: Exclusive remedy does not protect an employer that a jury found conducted a campaign of harassment and intimidation against an employee suspected of theft.
Citation: B218815
WCC Citation: WCC 36082010 CA
Case Name: Lewis v. WCAB 11/26/1975
Note: Going and coming rule does not bar recovery where employee is walking from employer's parking lot to office.
Citation: 15 Cal. 3d 559
WCC Citation: WCC 30571975 CA
Case Name: Li, et al., v. Wu, et al. 01/15/2009
Note: A Los Angeles County Superior Court should have determined that a contractor's license was automatically suspended because he failed to obtain workers' compensation insurance before hiring employees.
Citation: B198266
WCC Citation: WCC 34792009 CA
Case Name: Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co. v. LCL Administrators, Inc. 06/10/2008
Note: Given LCL's months-long lack of cooperation in providing straightforward information, witnesses and documents to support its claims of malfeasance, the trial court could reasonably conclude that the ultimate sanction was appropriate.
Citation: C053289
WCC Citation: WCC 33832008 CA
Case Name: Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. v. IAC 12/28/1964
Note: Award for further disability upheld despite exceeding 240-week post-injury time limit.
Citation: 231 Cal.App.2d 501, 29 CCC 293
WCC Citation: WCC 26231964 CA
Case Name: Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. v. WCAB 08/12/1980
Note: Appeals Bd. may not deny petition to reopen without hearing specifics of case.
Citation: 109 Cal.App.3d 148, 45 CCC 866
WCC Citation: WCC 25291980 CA
Case Name: Life Technologies Corp. v. Joyce 07/14/2011
Citation: A131120
WCC Citation: WCC 37812011 CA
Case Name: Little v. WCAB 11/16/2007
Note: [Unpublished] Substantial evidence supports the Board's finding that the petitioner filed a deficient skeletal petition for reconsideration and that he failed to prove he required erectile dysfunction medication on an industrial basis.
Citation: F053519
WCC Citation: WCC 32782007 CA
Case Name: Litzmann v. WCAB 09/27/1968
Note: Review awarded even though filed a day late when petition wrongfully rejected by clerk on last day for filing.
Citation: 266 Cal.App.2d 203, 33 CCC 584
WCC Citation: WCC 27091968 CA
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