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Case Name: Martin v. General Dynamics 03/10/2009
Note: Arbitrator did not exceed his authority in finding no wrongful termination after workers' compensation settlement.
Citation: B205706
WCC Citation: WCC 35042009 CA
Case Name: Martinez v. Combs 05/20/2010
Note: Two produce merchants did not have an employer-employee relationship with seasonal agricultural workers, according to a California Supreme Court decision requiring a detailed interpretation of Labor Code 1194.
Citation: S121552
WCC Citation: WCC 36272010 CA
Case Name: Martinez v. WCAB 11/15/2000
Note: Resumption of VR valid where 'initial' request for VR was timely, services placed on hold but not terminated.
Citation: 84 Cal.App.4th 1079
WCC Citation: WCC 27912000 CA
Case Name: Martinez v. WCAB 11/15/2000
Note: Jurisdiction for VR benefits continues once properly established.
Citation: 84 Cal. App. 4th 1079, 65 CCC 1253
WCC Citation: WCC 3622000 CA
Case Name: Martinez vs. CA Building System 02/22/2005
Note: Repeal of PTP presumption in 4062.9 applies regardless of date of injury.
Citation: 70 CCC XXX (2005)
WCC Citation: WCC 30822005 CA
Case Name: Martinez vs. Jack Neal & Son, Inc. 07/27/2004
Note: CIGA not liable for 5814 penalties of insolvent carrier.
Citation: 69 CCC 775; En Banc
WCC Citation: WCC 30172004 CA
Case Name: Marvel v. Superior Ready Mix Concrete 03/13/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Rule 3-700(C)(1)(a) of the Rules of Professional Conduct specifically allows an attorney to seek to withdraw where the client insists upon presenting a claim or defense that is not warranted under existing law and cannot be supported by [a] good faith argument for an extension, modification, or reversal of existing law.
Citation: D050114
WCC Citation: WCC 33262008 CA
Case Name: Mason v. Case 09/13/1963
Note: 2801 may apply where employer failed to secure compensation or employment is outside of work comp.
Citation: 220 Cal.App.2d 170, 28 CCC 293
WCC Citation: WCC 3891963 CA
Case Name: Mason vs. Lake Dolores Group 04/09/2004
Note: Injury that occurs after reporting to work but before 'clocking in' is not AOE/COE.
Citation: 117 Cal.App.4th 822
WCC Citation: WCC 29832004 CA
Case Name: Massey v. WCAB 07/12/1993
Note: Death benefits apply regardless of whether child is a minor or an adult.
Citation: 5 Cal.4th 674, 58 CCC 367
WCC Citation: WCC 25241993 CA
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