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Case Name: Premier Medical Management Systems, Inc. v. CIGA 05/30/2008
Note: General arguments that fees claimed are excessive, duplicative, or unrelated do not suffice in challenging attorney fees as excessive. Failure to raise specific challenges in the trial court forfeits the claim on appeal.
Citation: B195889
WCC Citation: WCC 33762008 CA
Case Name: Premier Medical Mgmt. v. CIGA 02/06/2006
Note: Plaintiffs not entitled to summary judgment on complaint under Anti-SLAPP law where the action arises from defendants' litigation of claims in WCAB proceedings.
Citation: 136 Cal. App. 4th 464
WCC Citation: WCC 31402006 CA
Case Name: Price v. Connolly-Pacific Co. 05/13/2008
Note: Shipowner's generosity in allowing plaintiff to use his RV-camper in an otherwise empty parking lot, without more, is an insufficient basis on which to award plaintiff maintenance and cure.
Citation: B200083
WCC Citation: WCC 33552008 CA
Case Name: Price v. WCAB 12/17/1984
Note: Coming and going rule not applicable to employee waiting to be admitted to employer's premises.
Citation: 37 Cal. 3d 559
WCC Citation: WCC 30361984 CA
Case Name: Price v. WCAB 10/27/1992
Note: PD award improper after worker's death where insurer overpaid and no accrued but unpaid indemnity.
Citation: 10 Cal.App.4th 959
WCC Citation: WCC 25521992 CA
Case Name: Priest v. WCAB 10/23/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Priest's failure to produce evidence supporting the WCAB's continued jurisdiction, coupled with her affirmative conduct in leading to the WCJ's alleged miscalculations in 1997, constituted sufficient evidence and basis for the WCAB to rescind the WCJ's amended award.
Citation: F055953
WCC Citation: WCC 34402008 CA
Case Name: Privette vs. Superior Court 06/19/1993
Note: Peculiar risk doctrine does not create exception to exclusive remedy of the Work Comp Act.
Citation: 5 Cal.4th 689
WCC Citation: WCC 30711993 CA
Case Name: Prock v. Tamura Corporation of America 01/25/2013
Note: The existence of triable issues of fact about whether a worker was a "qualified individual with a disability" barred an employer from obtaining summary judgment against a disability discrimination suit.
Citation: E054185
WCC Citation: WCC 39752013 CA
Case Name: Prudential Ins. Co. v. WCAB 12/15/1978
Note: Overpaid disability benefits are outside reach of group disability insurer's liens.
Citation: 22 Cal.3d 776
WCC Citation: WCC 24481978 CA
Case Name: Public Service Mutual Ins. Co. v. Svetlik 01/13/2017
Citation: A144803
WCC Citation: Alameda County Super. Ct. No. HG13676541
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