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Case Name: S. G. Borello & Sons, Inc. v. Dept. of Indus. Rel. 03/23/1989
Note: Employers not required to secure compensation for non-employees, e.g. indep. contractors.
Citation: 48 Cal.3d 341
WCC Citation: WCC 24331989 CA
Case Name: S.C.I.F. v. Superior Court of San Francisco 02/23/2010
Note: A first amended complaint which raises new factual issues with respect to the statute of limitations defense, is subject to summary adjudication only if the facts are susceptible to only one legitimate inference.
Citation: A125834
WCC Citation: WCC 36012010 CA
Case Name: Sabath v. WCAB 10/16/1998
Note: Salary received in lieu of disability benefits is not credited toward cap on voc. rehab. benefits
Citation: 67 Cal.App.4th 286
WCC Citation: WCC 26781998 CA
Case Name: Sacramento v. WCAB (Saylors) 01/03/2002
Note: A firefighter trainee is not a 'firefighter' within the meaning of LC 4850.
Citation: 94 Cal.App.4th 1304, 115 Cal.Rptr.2d 63
WCC Citation: WCC 28322002 CA
Case Name: Safeway Stores, Inc. v. WCAB 12/19/1978
Note: No commutation of award to save interest pmts. on debt simply due to applicant's 'best interests'.
Citation: 43 CCC 1366
WCC Citation: WCC 25121978 CA
Case Name: Sakotas v. WCAB 04/26/2000
Note: Constitutionality of 3208.3
Citation: 80 Cal.App.4th 262
WCC Citation: WCC 26212000 CA
Case Name: Salas v. Sierra Chemical Co. 08/09/2011
Note: An employee who is not legally authorized to work in the United States cannot prevail in a Fair Housing and Employment Act claim against his former employer.
Citation: C064627
WCC Citation: WCC 37882011 CA
Case Name: Salazar v. Livermore Valley Joint Unified School Dist. 03/04/2008
Note: [Unpublished] The trial court correctly ruled that workers' compensation benefits are plaintiff's exclusive remedy.
Citation: A116635
WCC Citation: WCC 33242008 CA
Case Name: Salazar vs. Diversified Paratransit 03/30/2004
Note: FEHA gives injured worker cause of action against employer for non-employee sexual harassment.
Citation: 117 Cal. App. 4th 318
WCC Citation: WCC 29802004 CA
Case Name: Salazar vs. Diversified Paratransit, Inc. 10/28/2002
Note: Sexual harassment of an employee by a non-employee is work comp exclusively, not FEHA.
Citation: 103 Cal.App.4th 131
WCC Citation: WCC 28902002 CA
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