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Case Name: Newlands v. WCAB 07/16/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Compensation practice and jurisprudence both acknowledge a status of permanent disability that precedes the point when it is 'permanent and stationary.'
Citation: C057437
WCC Citation: WCC 33992008 CA
Case Name: Newlands v. WCAB (Marriott Vacation International) 07/16/2008
Note: The California Supreme Court will not review a panel decision stating that an applicant has not been temporarily totally disabled since 2005.
Citation: C057437
WCC Citation: WCC 37712008 CA
Case Name: Newton v. WCAB 07/14/1993
Note: Psychiatric injury 5 yrs.+ after original back injury not barred by statute of limitations.
Citation: 17 Cal.App.4th 147
WCC Citation: WCC 26661993 CA
Case Name: NFLPA (Matthews) v. Titans 01/05/2011
Note: Tennessee law should be applied to a football player's California claim, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California ruled.
Citation: 10CV1671
WCC Citation: WCC 37022011 CA
Case Name: Nickelsberg v. WCAB 08/30/1991
Note: WCJ lacked jurisdiction to award temporary total disability.
Citation: 54 Cal.3d 288
WCC Citation: WCC 26401991 CA
Case Name: Nicky Blair's Restaurant v. WCAB 08/29/1980
Note: Certain allegations in doctor's report are not 'good cause' to reopen a case.
Citation: 109 Cal.App.3d 941
WCC Citation: WCC 26441980 CA
Case Name: Niedle v. WCAB 02/27/2001
Note: Cost effective restrictions on out-of-state voc. rehab. plans do not violate const. right to travel.
Citation: 87 Cal.App.4th 283, 66 CCC 223
WCC Citation: WCC 24432001 CA
Case Name: Nielsen v. Stewart 07/24/2017
Citation: C082925
WCC Citation: Super. Ct. No. STK-CV-UF-2016-0004040
Case Name: Nittel v. WCAB (San Jose Sharks) 06/22/2011
Note: The Sharks failed to give Nittel Labor Code 4061 notice, which meant that the 1997 Permanent Disability Rating Schedule should apply to his claim.
Citation: G044580
WCC Citation: WCC 37762011 CA
Case Name: No. Am. Rockwell Corp. v. WCAB 06/25/1970
Note: Reasonable doubt is to be resolved in favor of employee.
Citation: 9 Cal. App. 3d 154
WCC Citation: WCC 30591970 CA
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