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Case Name: Regents of Univ. of CA v. WCAB (Ryan) 02/20/1998
Note: No offset of comp. award by civil award in action from same injury.
Citation: 63 CCC 335 (Writ Denied)
WCC Citation: WCC 25141998 CA
Case Name: Rehab Unit Administrative Guidelines 02/14/1997
Note: The Rehabilitation Unit's published guidelines.
Citation: N/A
WCC Citation: WCC 26931997 CA
Case Name: Reich, Adell, Crost & Perry v. WCAB 01/01/2001
Note: Notice to atty. required before Bd. reduces fee that was agreed to by client in the settlement before Bd. for approval.
Citation: 44 CCC 1119
WCC Citation: WCC 27192001 CA
Case Name: Reichelt v. Slotnick 07/30/2010
Note: An injured worker's breach of contract suit against his former attorney failed because he did not adequately plead his case.
Citation: B215506
WCC Citation: WCC 36522010 CA
Case Name: Reiman v. WCAB 02/02/1977
Note: No lien or credit for voluntary payments as gifts separate from compensation.
Citation: 66 Cal.App.3d 732
WCC Citation: WCC 25131977 CA
Case Name: Reiner v. Greyhound Lines 10/17/2017
Note: California’s 2nd District Court of Appeal refused to reinstate a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress filed by an attorney disbarred earlier this year for not abiding the terms of his probation for willfully disobeying three orders issued by workers’ compensation judges.
Citation: B265943 c/w B269440
WCC Citation: Los Angeles County Super. Ct. No. BC564127
Case Name: Reiner v. Kebel, Tobin & Truce 03/08/2012
Note: A defamation action by a California workers' compensation defense attorney against defense counsel in another case involving the same claimant was subject to a special motion to strike as a strategic lawsuit against public participation, a state appellate court ruled.
Citation: B234815
WCC Citation: WCC 38692012 CA
Case Name: Respini v. RMG Electric, Inc. 08/21/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Plaintiff submitted evidence sufficient to support a jury finding that employee's trip was within the scope of his employment.
Citation: A119232
WCC Citation: WCC 34132008 CA
Case Name: Rex Club et al. v. WCAB (SCIF) 03/31/1997
Note: Since the original findings of fact and award issued in November 1987 constitute 'an award' of compensation benefits within the meaning of section 5500.5, subdivision (e), the WCAB's petition for contribution filed in November 1994 is untimely as to that award.
Citation: C022162
WCC Citation: WCC 37091997 CA
Case Name: Reyes v. Van Elk, Ltd. 03/14/2007
Note: Undocumented workers' have standing to raise prevailing wage claims, and the prevailing wage law is not preempted by the IRAC.
Citation: 148 Cal. App. 4th 604
WCC Citation: WCC 32112007 CA
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