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Concerns About MTUS Update Tied to UR Complaints

By Greg Jones (Deputy Editor)

Thursday, September 7, 2017 | 2066 | 2 | 0 min read

OAKLAND, Calif. — In theory, and by law, the presumption that California’s Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule is correct on the extent and scope of medical treatment can be rebutted with evidence establishing that a variance from the guidelines is reasonably required to cure or relieve an injured from the effects of an injury. But that’s not how it works in practice, according to occupational doctors and others who urged the Division of Workers’ Compensation on Wednesday against adopting guidelines with limited recommendations for the use of spinal cord s...

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Dina Padilla Sep 7, 2017 01:10 PM

Evidenced based medicine was devised unscientifically, just to deny what injured workers need most in terms of medical care and if an injured worker doesn't receive in depth care like the spinal stimulators, then the insurance industry can either deny or lower the threshold of the injury itself. If nothing is being treated, then there is no injury ad then state all the pain is in the injured workers head due to their childhood history. AND of course, where these studies are basically a hit & miss,, exactly what is involved in these studies scientifically, lets just keep ALL of the real pain experts out of this. Anybody other than a real doctor should not be involved in any of the studies, period and this article of denial of stimulators is the reason why!

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John A. Don esq. Sep 7, 2017 04:09 PM

Cook book medicine treats California workers like pieces of broccoli. Our workers are not asparagus!!

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