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Workers' Compensation News

Ky. Rejects Ban on Benefits to Illegal Aliens 08/31/2011
State: KY | Segment: | 239 | 0
I was happy to see that the Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday had the good sense to reject an employer's argument that an undocumented immigrant worker was not entitled to indemnity benefits. To have done otherwise would not only compromise the social safety net that has been established with w...Read More
Kauffman Decided; 1st DCA Rejects Constitutional Arguments 04/13/2011
By: Michael Rabinowitz
State: FL | Segment: | 276 | 0
By Michael RabinowitzBanker Lopez GasslerIn a sparsely written, four-page order (the listing of the attorneys involved in the case seems longer than the actual opinion), the Florida 1st District Court of Appeal affirmed the judge of compensation claim's opinion, thereby rejecti...Read More
Keeping Score of Rulings where UR is Used 11/16/2010
State: IL | Segment: | 181 | 0
By Matthew Ignoffo Keefe Campbell & AssociatesWe recently noted a number of our readers sent us an article from the blog of a competing Illinois defense firm where utilization review was followed by the Arbitrator and affirmed by the Commission. In this ruling, the Commission c...Read More
Key Takeaways from Health Strategy Associates bill review survey 06/08/2009
State: NA | Segment: | 202 | 0
By Joe PadudaThe two overarching issues in work comp bill review are state reporting and the non-connect between utilization review/medical management and bill review.Bill ReviewWorkers' comp payers spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on med...Read More
Kaferstein - Scaffold Law Applied to Sidewalk Injury 10/09/2005
State: CA | Segment: | 196 | 0
SCAFFOLD LAW APPLIES TO INJURY SUSTAINED WHILE WORKER WAS LOWERING PIPE FROM SIDEWALK INTO TRENCH Kaferstein v. JP Morgan Chase & Co., NYLJ 9/28/05 (Supreme Court, New York County (LEHNER, j) The basic legal issue presented in this Labor Law section 240(1) was whether th...Read More
Keeping the Balance 10/08/2005
State: CA | Segment: | 198 | 0
Though written about California, the editors felt this opinion was applicable to all states given the trend of reforming workers' compensation laws around the country.By Suzanne GuyanAs we continue applying the recent system reforms to new and pending claims, our injured workers are ...Read More
Katrina Relief Needed NOW 08/31/2005
State: CA | Segment: | 100 | 0
If you have witnessed the terrible destruction of New Orleans, the wrath of Katrina across Mississippi, and the desperation of our fellow Americans in the South, then you know that your help is needed. I want you, as a caring professional blessed enough to not be subjected to the most si...Read More
Keeping Apportionment A Medical Issue 08/27/2005
State: CA | Segment: | 484 | 0
LC section 4663 & WCAB EN-Banc Decision Escobedo vs. Marshall's & CNA Insurance Apportionment caused by other factors may include not only disability that could have been apportioned to prior industrial injuries, but may also include apportionment to pathology, asymptomatic ...Read More
Keys to Improving RTW Programs 03/26/2005
State: CA | Segment: | 213 | 0
This article is the last in a series on Early Return to Work (RTW) and Stay-At-Work (SAW) programs. It will discuss how internet-based technology can make these programs easier to administer and more effective. The case management software of AtWork Resources, Inc. (AWR) is discussed. THE L...Read More
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