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Workers' Compensation News


Langham: Comparing Funding Processes 02/21/2018
By: David Langham
State: FL | Segment: Top | 537 | 0
There are different ways to fund workers' compensation systems. This post compares North Carolina's model to Florida's. ...Read More

Langham: Discovery Sanctions 01/31/2018
By: David Langham
State: FL | Segment: Top | 679 | 0
It has been a few years since I took the bench in Pensacola, more than 16, to be precise. A great deal has changed in Florida workers' compensation over that period. And, perhaps there are things that recur. Through intent or inadvertence, possibly the same disputes and conflicts arise r...Read More

Langham: Tennessee Exposure Lesson 01/29/2018
By: David Langham
State: NA | Segment: Top | 664 | 0
A recent Tennessee Supreme Court case affirmed death benefits awarded to a widow. Holbert v. JBM Inc. is interesting as an illustration of occupational exposure. It is also an interesting illustrati...Read More

Langham: Mediation Cost in Florida Is Value 01/12/2018
By: David Langham
State: FL | Segment: Top | 731 | 0
In Florida workers’ compensation most petitions for benefits (PFBs) must be mediated before they proceed to final hearing. In an effort to provide greater detail regarding mediation efforts of the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims, a Settlement and Mediation Statistics Report was ...Read More

Langham: California on My Mind 01/09/2018
By: David Langham
State: NA | Segment: Top | 840 | 0 | Popular with Legal
It is intriguing to experience the processes and procedures used by various states' workers' compensation systems. I recently had the opportunity to discuss the California system and conclude that there are many distinctions between Florida and California. ...Read More

Langham: Florida Cost of Litigation Resolved 2017 01/03/2018
By: David Langham
State: FL | Segment: Top | 708 | 0
The Florida Office of Judges of Compensation Claims budget, divided by the number of petitions for benefits closed, reflects that the overall cost per PFB closed fluctuated in recent years due in large part to the significant fluctuation in PFB closure rates. ...Read More

Langham: Attorney Fee Distribution Remains Similar 12/28/2017
By: David Langham
State: FL | Segment: Top | 646 | 0
Attorney fees are a consistent interest in the Office of Judges of Compensation Claims Annual Reports. Much of the focus seems to be on the attorney fees approved in a given fiscal year, reported recently in ...Read More

Langham: Attorneys Fees in Florida Increased 12/21/2017
By: David Langham
State: FL | Segment: Top | 816 | 0
The Office of Judges of Compensation Claims is required by law to approve all attorneys' fees paid by, or on behalf of, an injured worker. There is no such specific requirement for the approval of fees paid by employer/carriers for their defense counsel representation. ...Read More

Luna: Content Out of Context 12/07/2017
By: Carlos Luna
State: NA | Segment: Top | 1292 | 0
The adoption of evidence-based medicine by state jurisdictions tends to polarize workers’ compensation stakeholders, sometimes for good reason. ...Read More

Langham: New York Settlements and Fees 11/28/2017
By: David Langham
State: NA | Segment: Top | 729 | 0
An interesting paper was published in July by the Center for Law and Social Science. It is a statistical analysis of aspects of litigation in New York focused upon data found in "closing ...Read More
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