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Case Name: D'Angona v. County of LA 07/10/1980
Note: Hospital treating injured employee is not an employer; dual capacity exception to exclusive remedy applies.
Citation: 27 Cal.3d 661, 45 CCC 722
WCC Citation: WCC 24191980 CA
Case Name: Dalen v. WCAB 06/27/1972
Note: 4651.2 applies only to rehab programs initiated by employer or ins. carrier
Citation: 26 Cal.App.3d 497, 37 CCC 393
WCC Citation: WCC 24821972 CA
Case Name: Daniel Ordorica v. WCAB 03/14/2001
Note: Obligation to accept employer treatment w/in 30 days of injury.
Citation: 87 CA 4th 1037, 66 CCC 333
WCC Citation: WCC 28112001 CA
Case Name: Daniel v. Tesoro Refining and Marketing Co. 03/28/2011
Note: A worker's Fair Employment and Housing Act suit should go to trial because triable issues of fact existed about whether the employer ever actually sought to accommodate the plaintiff's work-related disability.
Citation: B218935
WCC Citation: WCC 37382011 CA
Case Name: David Lopez v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (Yellow Roadway) 11/20/2008
Note: A truck driver who filed three workers' compensation claims alleging specific and cumulative injuries to various body parts failed to disprove a workers' compensation judge's decision that he had hurt himself not at work, but after a night of beer drinking.
Citation: F056266
WCC Citation: WCC 34632008 CA
Case Name: David Maxwell v. Home Depot USA 12/22/2010
Note: Home Depot defeated a former employee's suit alleging disability discrimination and other causes of action by showing that it terminated him for violating its longstanding drug policy, according to a decision from the 2nd District Court of Appeal.
Citation: B222844
WCC Citation: WCC 36952010 CA
Case Name: Davis v. Board of Chiropractic Examiners 04/12/2010
Note: Board Regulation section 318 is not a safe harbor provision exonerating plaintiff for his negligent acts, and the prohibition for 'excessive treatment' is not unconstitutionally vague.
Citation: C059588
WCC Citation: WCC 36142010 CA
Case Name: Davis v. Fireman's Fund Insur. Co. 10/15/1970
Note: Award of 1% permanent partial disability was not 'nominal' per Sec. 5802.
Citation: 35 CCC 465
WCC Citation: WCC 26351970 CA
Case Name: Davis v. First Health Group Corp. 11/25/2009
Note: [Unpublished] The court did not abuse its discretion by denying a requested mandatory preliminary injunction because this did not represent an extreme case in which claimant's right to the relief was clearly established.
Citation: H032183
WCC Citation: WCC 35822009 CA
Case Name: Davis v. WCAB (City of Modesto) 03/10/2017
Citation: F074957
WCC Citation: WCAB Nos. ADJ9468922 & ADJ9467074
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