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Case Name: Dickinson v. Allstate Insurance Co. 04/19/2013
Note: A former field claims adjuster's failure to introduce into evidence a right-to-sue letter from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing was fatal to his Fair Employment and Housing Act claims.
Citation: G045033
WCC Citation: WCC 40052013 CA
Case Name: Dietz v. Meisenheimer & Herron 09/17/2009
Note: It was not improper for the trial court to balance the competing interests of the parties in determining whether to dismiss appellant's action in its entirety. Dismissal of a plaintiff's claim based on the due process concerns espoused in General Dynamics and its progeny is reserved for the rarest of cases.
Citation: D052463
WCC Citation: WCC 35672009 CA
Case Name: Diggle v. Sierra Sands Unified Sch. Dist. 10/07/2005
Note: En banc decision is binding precedent on all Appeals Board Panels and WCJs.
Citation: 70 CCC 1480
WCC Citation: WCC 31262005 CA
Case Name: Dimmig v. WCAB 03/31/1972
Note: Going and coming: commuting to and from work not in scope of employment.
Citation: 6 Cal. 3d 860
WCC Citation: WCC 28511972 CA
Case Name: DIR v. California State Personnel Board 10/05/2011
Note: The Department of Industrial Relations is not procedurally barred from challenging a decision ordering it to reinstate a Division of Occupational Safety and Health attorney, the 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled in an unpublished decision.
Citation: B228794
WCC Citation: WCC 38092011 CA
Case Name: Ditler v. WCAB 05/18/1982
Note: Doctor's testimony that worker would ultimately suffer disability was too speculative.
Citation: 131 Cal.App.3d 803, 47 CCC 492
WCC Citation: WCC 25511982 CA
Case Name: DMS Services, Inc. v. Superior Court of LA County 05/15/2012
Note: A third-party workers' compensation claims administrator could not compel arbitration of a client's breach-of-contract action pursuant to an agreement between the client and its insurance carrier.
Citation: B235819
WCC Citation: WCC 38952012 CA
Case Name: DMV v. IAC 02/16/1948
Note: Indemnity, whether temporary or permanent, is not paid concurrently with salary.
Citation: 83 Cal.App.2d 671, 13 CCC 23
WCC Citation: WCC 26851948 CA
Case Name: Doerflinger v. WCAB 10/25/1994
Note: Payments on a C&R and 'compensation' under the Code; Penalty may be based on failure to pay interest.
Citation: 59 CCC 834
WCC Citation: WCC 3921994 CA
Case Name: Domino's Pizza v. WCAB 11/20/2006
Note: The 2nd District Court of Appeal certified its opinion dated Oct. 23, 2006, for publication.
Citation: 144 Cal. App. 4th 1316
WCC Citation: WCC 31922006 CA
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