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Case Name: Facundo-Guerrero v. WCAB 06/02/2008
Note: There is nothing unconstitutional about Labor Code section 4604.5(d). The Legislature has legal authority to enact a law limiting petitioner's right to receive chiropractic treatment.
Citation: A119814
WCC Citation: WCC 33772008 CA
Case Name: Faigin v. Signature Group Holdings, Inc. 12/05/2012
Note: Fremont General's former general counsel won a $1.35 million breach of employment contract suit against its successor, after an appellate court agreed that he was terminated without good cause.
Citation: B224598
WCC Citation: WCC 39552012 CA
Case Name: Fain v. WCAB 11/13/2008
Note: The widow of a Fresno police detective was unable to prove that her husband's fatal brain cancer arose from his work.
Citation: F056026
WCC Citation: WCC 34622008 CA
Case Name: Farmer Bros. Coffee v. WCAB (Ruiz) 10/17/2005
Note: Immigration status is irrelevant to the issue of liability.
Citation: 133 Cal. App. 4th 533; 35 Cal. Rptr. 3d 23
WCC Citation: WCC 31242005 CA
Case Name: Farmer v. Lodi Memorial Hospital Assn. Inc. 10/24/2012
Note: A former hospital worker's wrongful termination claim failed as a matter of law because she did not timely exhaust her administrative remedies, and she was an at-will employee.
Citation: C068489
WCC Citation: WCC 39452012 CA
Case Name: Farmers Ins. Exchange vs. WCAB (Sanchez) 12/19/2002
Note: Only particular item of fraud barred; claimant still entitled to benefits; employer cannot take credit for restitution against benefits.
Citation: 104 Cal.App.4th 684
WCC Citation: WCC 28992002 CA
Case Name: Farris vs. Industrial Wire et. al. 07/27/2000
Note: 5814 penalty applies to entire underlying species when failure / refusal to pay 4650 penalty.
Citation: 65 C.C.C. 824 WCAB En Banc Decision, 65 CCC 824
WCC Citation: WCC 3592000 CA
Case Name: Faust v. California Portland Cement Company 05/10/2007
Note: Employee provided sufficient information to the employer to advise it of his need for leave pursuant to the CFRA, and that the employer did not give notice to employee of his right to leave under the CFRA, leading to the reversal of a decision in favor of the employer.
Citation: 150 Cal. App. 4th 864
WCC Citation: WCC 32232007 CA
Case Name: Faust vs. City of San Diego 12/11/2003
Note: Burden of proof in presumptive cancer cases.
Citation: 68 CCC (2003)
WCC Citation: WCC 29622003 CA
Case Name: Federal Mogul v. WCAB 09/27/1973
Note: Official Medical Fee Schedule does not apply to self-procured treatment.
Citation: 38 CCC 584 (Writ Denied)
WCC Citation: WCC 28791973 CA
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