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Case Name: Hawkins v. Amberwood Products 06/13/2007
Note: The limit of 104 compensable weeks within two years described in section 4656(c)(1) begins on the date temporary disability indemnity is first paid.
Citation: 72 CCC 807
WCC Citation: WCC 32302007 CA
Case Name: Hawkins v. Travelers Insurance, et al. 03/23/2011
Note: The San Francisco City and County Superior Court was correct to name an applicant who sued numerous practitioners a vexatious litigant.
Citation: A125526
WCC Citation: WCC 37342011 CA
Case Name: Healy Tibbitts Builders, Inc. v. Director, Office of Workers' Comp. Programs 04/14/2006
Note: 'Harbor worker' includes workers directly involved in the construction of a maritime facility.
Citation: 444 F.3d 1095
WCC Citation: WCC 31522006 CA
Case Name: Hegglin vs. WCAB 02/23/1971
Note: In cases involving multiple factors of disability caused by a single industrial accident the Board must, in any instructions it may direct to the rating bureau, fully describe each separate factor of disability.
Citation: 4 Cal. 3d 162
WCC Citation: WCC 35941971 CA
Case Name: Heiman v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board 04/11/2007
Note: Petitioner and an unlicensed contractor were dual employers that are jointly and severally liable for workers' compensation.
Citation: 149 Cal. App. 4th 724
WCC Citation: WCC 32152007 CA
Note: The families of three United States Navy crewmen killed in a helicopter crash cannot file state law claims for wrongful death, because the Death on the High Seas Act preempted their state law claims, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled.
Citation: 09-56501
WCC Citation: WCC 37262011 CA
Case Name: Henderson v. Adia Servs. Inc. 06/27/1986
Note: "Coming and going" rule applicable to temp employees traveling from home to businesses that pay the temp agency.
Citation: 182 Cal. App. 3d 1069
WCC Citation: WCC 30371986 CA
Case Name: Henry v. Red Hill Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tustin 12/09/2011
Note: A California appellate court ruled that a Lutheran school is not liable under the Fair Employment and Housing Act for terminating a teacher for religious reasons, thanks to the ministerial exception.
Citation: G044556
WCC Citation: WCC 38322011 CA
Case Name: Henry v. WCAB 12/18/1998
Note: Seasonal employee is entitled to only 12 months of alternate seasonal work, not to 12 months of continuous work.
Citation: 68 Cal.App.4th 981, 63 CCC 1481
WCC Citation: WCC 27901998 CA
Case Name: Henstorf v. State Compensation Ins. Fund 09/04/2009
Note: [Unpublished] State Fund's conduct in combining with Blue Cross to form an efficient bargaining unit is expressly exempt from antitrust and unfair competition laws under Business and Professions Code section 16720, Health and Safety Code section 1342.6, and Insurance Code section 10133.6.
Citation: B210943
WCC Citation: WCC 35622009 CA
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