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Case Name: Ike v. Los Angeles County Office Of Education 02/16/2012
Note: A former Los Angeles County teacher failed to show that his lawsuit was not subject to the requirements of the Tort Claims Act.
Citation: B230357
WCC Citation: WCC 38582012 CA
Case Name: In re Alleged Contempt of Albert H. Corliss 01/01/2001
Note: Atty. who requests/accepts fee based on contingency arrgt. w/ applicant w/o Bd. approval is subject to contempt.
Citation: 56 CCC 132
WCC Citation: WCC 27182001 CA
Case Name: In re Alleged Contempt of Irwin Lee, Esq. 10/30/1987
Note: Contempt sanction for filing Declaration of Readiness for improper purpose.
Citation: 52 CCC 492
WCC Citation: WCC 27601987 CA
Case Name: In Re Alleged Contempt of Maxim N. Bach, Esq. 11/10/1988
Note: Contempt sanction for attorney interfering with WCAB subpoena on release of applicant's medical records.
Citation: 53 CCC 474
WCC Citation: WCC 27891988 CA
Case Name: In Re Alleged Contempt of, Respondent 01/07/1983
Note: Attorney falsely represented that case was reassigned to approve a C&R. .
Citation: 48 CCC 4
WCC Citation: WCC 27991983 CA
Case Name: In re Interstate Indem. Co., 09/06/1963
Note: Appointed reinsurers have preference to assets of insolvent insurer over general creditors.
Citation: 219 Cal.App.2d 809, 28 CCC 288
WCC Citation: WCC 25671963 CA
Case Name: In re Lockheed Litigation Cases 01/31/2005
Note: A court cannot exclude an epidemiological study from consideration solely because the study shows a relative risk of less than 2.0.
Citation: 126 Cal.App.4th 271
WCC Citation: WCC 30772005 CA
Case Name: In re Matter of Pellicer 07/09/2008
Note: A 'defrocked' attorney cannot be permitted to appear in workers' compensation proceedings.
Citation: MISC. 251
WCC Citation: WCC 33942008 CA
Case Name: In the Matter of John H. Hoffman, Jr. 05/17/2006
Note: Rule 10779 and the State Bar Act preclude any non-reinstated former attorney who has been disbarred or suspended by the Supreme Court from appearing as a representative of any party before the WCAB.
Citation: 70 CCC 609
WCC Citation: WCC 31602006 CA
Case Name: Industrial Indemnity Co. v. WCAB 12/29/1997
Note: CIGA not liable for workers' comp. when two other insurers were also liable for benefits.
Citation: 60 Cal.App.4th 548, 62 CCC 1661
WCC Citation: WCC 25411997 CA
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