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Case Name: Kaiser Cement Corp., etc. v. WCAB 05/06/1986
Note: Issues not raised in Petition for Recon. are waived under Code S. 5904.
Citation: 51 CCC 232
WCC Citation: WCC 27251986 CA
Case Name: Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. v. Superior Ct of LA County 02/15/2012
Note: A procedural statute did not bar punitive damages claims in a suit alleging that Kaiser Foundation Health Plan conspired to deny costly medical services to health plan members.
Citation: B233759
WCC Citation: WCC 38572012 CA
Case Name: Kaiser Foundation Hospitals v. WCAB (Brennan) 02/28/1979
Note: Copy of C&R must be served to lien claimant who is to be charged a portion of atty. fees; claimant has right to notice of hearing before any apportionment.
Citation: 91 Cal.App.3d 493, 44 CCC 294
WCC Citation: WCC 27531979 CA
Case Name: Kaiser Foundation Hospitals v. WCAB (Daly City) 07/25/1985
Note: Breach of employer's duty to notify employee of rights to benefits tolls limitations period; duty arises if employer has constructive knowledge of injury.
Citation: 39 Cal.3d 57, 50 CCC 411
WCC Citation: WCC 4071985 CA
Case Name: Kaiser Foundation Hospitals v. WCAB (Gregory) 12/15/1978
Note: WCAB reduction of lien pursuant to C&R is constitutional, applies retroactively; parties to C&R must serve reports, evidence presented to Bd. to claimant.
Citation: 87 Cal.App.3d 336, 43 CCC 1300
WCC Citation: WCC 25371978 CA
Case Name: Kaiser Foundation v. WCAB (Yturralde) 08/12/1996
Note: Child care may be awarded as reasonable medical per Smyers.
Citation: 61 CCC 876 (Writ Denied)
WCC Citation: WCC 29551996 CA
Case Name: Kaiser v. Calif. Electric, Calif. Casualty Exch. 10/28/1998
Note: WCJ has authority to dismiss application if injury covered by alternative resolution process under 3201.5.
Citation: 63 CCC 1391 (Panel)
WCC Citation: WCC 3931998 CA
Case Name: Kaiser v. Simpson 05/15/2009
Note: [Unpublished] An injured worker waived her right to challenge a San Diego Superior Court's admission of expert testimony in her legal malpractice action by failing to object to the admission of such testimony during the trial process.
Citation: D053348
WCC Citation: WCC 35242009 CA
Case Name: Kamel v. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation 03/29/2011
Note: A trial court must decide whether the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation unlawfully revoked a psychiatrist's job offer in retaliation for prior complaints about discrimination.
Citation: F059186
WCC Citation: WCC 37392011 CA
Case Name: Kamel vs. West Cliff Medical 12/24/2001
Note: In a 5814 penalty, applicant must first establish delay or refusal in the payment of compensation and then the defendant
Citation: 66 CCC ___ (En Banc)
WCC Citation: WCC 29032001 CA
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