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Case Name: L.A. Co. Professional Peace Officers Assoc. v. Co. of L.A. 02/11/2004
Note: Accrued vacation time does not count towards 4850 calculation.
Citation: 115 Cal.App.4th 866
WCC Citation: WCC 29702004 CA
Case Name: L.A. County Dept. of Parks v. WCAB 06/06/2008
Note: [Unpublished] The stipulations and order to comply was not a formal award requiring a petition for continuing jurisdiction under the Labor Code.
Citation: B200215
WCC Citation: WCC 33812008 CA
Case Name: L.A. Unified School Dist. v. WCAB 01/11/1984
Note: Applicant entitled to TD indemnity concurrently with PERS retirement payments.
Citation: 150 Cal.App.3d 823, 49 CCC 48
WCC Citation: WCC 27021984 CA
Case Name: La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, Inc. v. Industrial Indemnity Co. 12/19/1994
Note: Coverage A in a work comp policy does not give rise to duty to defend a civil suit.
Citation: 9 Cal.4th 27
WCC Citation: WCC 28911994 CA
Case Name: Laeng vs. WCAB 03/06/1972
Note: Injury incurred during the 'tryout' phase of employment is compensable.
Citation: 6 Cal.3d 771; 100 Cal.Rptr. 377
WCC Citation: WCC 30731972 CA
Case Name: Lamb v. WCAB 04/19/1974
Note: A petition for reconsideration is proper when WCAB reverses referee but isn't prerequisite for writ of review.
Citation: 11 Cal.3d 274, 39 CCC 310
WCC Citation: WCC 26551974 CA
Case Name: Land v. WCAB 09/25/2002
Note: University student is not employee because she participates in profit sharing as part of field work.
Citation: 102 Cal.App.4th 491
WCC Citation: WCC 28842002 CA
Case Name: Lanier Lewis et al., v. Pepper Construction Company Pacific 02/26/2010
Note: An injured subcontractor employee failed to show that the general contractor owed him a common law duty of care.
Citation: C060212
WCC Citation: WCC 36042010 CA
Case Name: LaPlante v. WCAB 07/31/2009
Note: [Unpublished] The Wilkinson doctrine allowing combined awards of permanent disability in successive injury cases is inconsistent with the requirement contained in Sen. Bill No. 899 that apportionment be based on causation rather than disability.
Citation: F054923
WCC Citation: WCC 35482009 CA
Case Name: Lara v. WCAB 02/25/2010
Note: A gardener hired to prune bushes, where the gardener has control over the time and manner in which to do the job, is an independent contractor.
Citation: B214234
WCC Citation: WCC 36032010 CA
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