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Florianman kleinman

Insurance Defense at statue of liberty
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Case Name: Legrone v. Mogenson 06/28/2011
Note: A worker's medical malpractice suit against an occupational physician was untimely, because she filed it after the one-year statute of limitations expired.
Citation: E050274
WCC Citation: WCC 37792011 CA
Case Name: Leinon vs Fishermen's Grotto (#2) 11/16/2004
Note: When indemnity becomes due under 4650 does not depend on whether denial was 'wrong' under 5402.
Citation: 69 CCC 1449; En Banc
WCC Citation: WCC 30642004 CA
Case Name: Leinon vs. Fishermen's Grotto, Mid-Century Insurance Company 08/25/2004
Note: No 4650 penalty due if denied claim later determined compensable and benefits paid within 14 days after Award.
Citation: 68 CCC 1460 (En Banc)
WCC Citation: WCC 30212004 CA
Case Name: Leo's Assoc. Inc. v. DIR 07/12/2004
Note: Penalties enforced for lack of insurance even though reinstated retroactively.
Citation: 120 Cal.App.4th 628
WCC Citation: WCC 29982004 CA
Case Name: Leon v. Pacific Bell Telephone Co. 10/27/2011
Note: An injured worker who was temporarily laid off because she was unable to perform the essential functions of her job, but later rehired after a reasonable accommodation was found, failed to show any facts that would have supported a Fair Employment and Housing Act claim.
Citation: H034995
WCC Citation: WCC 38152011 CA
Case Name: Leonel v. American Airlines, Inc. 03/04/2005
Note: Employer cannot conduct medical exam until after other preliminary hiring requirements are completed.
Citation: 400 F.3d 702
WCC Citation: WCC 30862005 CA
Case Name: Leprino Foods v. WCAB (Barela) 04/30/2010
Note: A worker is entitled to a higher permanent disability award after undergoing an unauthorized surgery that proved successful in hindsight.
Citation: F058809
WCC Citation: WCC 36192010 CA
Case Name: Leroy T. v. WCAB 08/28/1974
Note: Juvenile court ward working in fire suppression is entitled to same benefits as county employee
Citation: 12 Cal.3d 434, 39 CCC 569
WCC Citation: WCC 23921974 CA
Case Name: Les Hall vs. Valley Media (WCAB No. SAC 309589) 09/12/2002
Note: C&R valid despite subsequent rehabilitation of carrier; Foreign state no jurisdiction on WCAB; Penalty invalid without hearing
Citation: 67 Cal.Comp. Cases 1147
WCC Citation: WCC 28752002 CA
Case Name: Lett vs. LACMTA; Travelers 03/05/2004
Note: Payment of attorney fees under LC 5710 is not dependent on applicant signing the transcript.
Citation: 68 CCC 250 ; Panel
WCC Citation: WCC 29742004 CA
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