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Case Name: Lui v. City and County of San Francisco 12/11/2012
Note: The city and county of San Francisco's inability to accommodate a disabled police officer in an administrative position did not violate the Fair Employment and Housing Act.
Citation: A131882
WCC Citation: WCC 39542012 CA
Case Name: Lujan vs. Minagar 12/09/2004
Note: Retaliatory discharge action lies for who MIGHT report a safety violation.
Citation: 124 Cal. App. 4th 1040
WCC Citation: WCC 30682004 CA
Case Name: Lujan vs. WCAB, Vanier Graphics 12/03/1985
Note: Full time post injury earnings must be considered for a fair determination of earning capacity.
Citation: 175 CA3rd 212
WCC Citation: WCC 29901985 CA
Case Name: Luna v. WCAB 02/29/1988
Note: Going and coming: requirements to find special mission an exception to rule.
Citation: 199 C.A.3d 77
WCC Citation: WCC 28521988 CA
Case Name: Lund v. San Joaquin Valley Railroad 07/03/2003
Note: Under a Federal Employers Liability Act case, the jury should not be told that plaintiff is not entitled to work comp unless probative value outweighs prejudicial effect.
Citation: 31 Cal.4th 1, 71 P.3d 770
WCC Citation: WCC 29452003 CA
Case Name: Luque v. Herrera 06/12/2000
Note: Employee's attorney entitled to fees when employer participated in litigation and reimbursement claim exceeded the settlement.
Citation: 81 Cal.App.4th 558, 65 CCC 812
WCC Citation: WCC 23912000 CA
Case Name: Ly v. County of Fresno 09/15/2017
Note: The 5th District Court of Appeal last week ordered publication of its prior determination that a group of correctional officers could not pursue a discrimination action against their employer, since they had already litigated their claims in pursuit of workers’ compensation benefits.
Citation: F072351
WCC Citation: Super. Ct. No. 09CECG02743
Case Name: Lyle v. Warner Brothers Television Productions 04/20/2006
Note: Sexual jokes and vulgar language not directed at plaintiff did not constitute severe or pervasive harassment under FEHA.
Citation: 38 Cal. 4th 264
WCC Citation: WCC 31542006 CA
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