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Case Name: Muna v. WCAB 09/06/2007
Note: [Unpublished] Employer met its burden of proof in rebutting the presumption of compensability.
Citation: F052976
WCC Citation: WCC 32532007 CA
Case Name: Munoz v. Pacific Maritime Association et al. 08/28/2012
Note: A former longshoreman with a poor attendance record, who admittedly lied to his employer about having an alcohol problem to excuse his absences, failed to establish his claim that his termination was a discriminatory action based on his alleged disabilities from a prior head injury.
Citation: B235771
WCC Citation: WCC 39252012 CA
Case Name: Munoz v. WCAB 08/06/1971
Note: Nonresident alien widow receives 7/8's income from deceased, 1/8 from minor sons, is 'totally' dependent.
Citation: 19 Cal.App.3d 144
WCC Citation: WCC 25801971 CA
Case Name: Munyon v. Ole's Inc. 10/19/1982
Note: Injury not compensable where employee injured while picking up paycheck at place/ time of employee's convenience.
Citation: 136 Cal. App. 3d 697
WCC Citation: WCC 30531982 CA
Case Name: Muraoka vs. WCAB 04/28/2009
Note: [Unpublished] Board did not consider the entire medical record prior to 2005 to determine whether substantial medical evidence supported application of the 1997 PDRS, and that had it done so, it would have found the 1997 PDRS applicable.
Citation: B210073
WCC Citation: WCC 35182009 CA
Case Name: Murray v. Alaska Airlines, Inc. 08/23/2010
Citation: S162570
WCC Citation: WCC 36592010 CA
Case Name: Myers v. WCAB (City of LA) 12/15/1969
Note: Comp. award includes right to interest from date of filing, judgment on award entered in superior court, lien, and enforcement by execution.
Citation: 2 Cal.App.3d 621
WCC Citation: WCC 26091969 CA
Case Name: Myers v. WCAB (Marine Terminals) 09/20/1971
Note: Interest runs from the date of award, not from date of reconsideration.
Citation: 20 Cal.App.3d 120
WCC Citation: WCC 26221971 CA
Case Name: Myrick Enterp. and Employee Benefits Ins. Co. v. WCAB 03/05/1984
Note: Party need not file Declaration of Readiness to obtain hearing to cross examine disability evaluator.
Citation: 49 CCC 194
WCC Citation: WCC 27621984 CA
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