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Case Name: Rabin v. Lotta 12/07/2009
Note: [Unpublished] Probable cause for quantum meruit exists if any reasonable attorney would have thought the claim tenable.
Citation: B211590
WCC Citation: WCC 35852009 CA
Case Name: Rail Services of America vs. SCIF 07/09/2003
Note: Retention of non-refundable agreed minimum premium for only 15 days coverage upheld; willful failure to comply with discovery order compels dismissal.
Citation: 110 Cal.App.4th 323
WCC Citation: WCC 29432003 CA
Case Name: Raine v. City of Burbank 01/25/2006
Note: Temporary light duty position as accommodation does not create obligation to make the temporary assignment available indefinitely once temporary disability becomes permanent.
Citation: 135 Cal. App. 4th 1215
WCC Citation: WCC 31362006 CA
Case Name: Ralph's Grocery Co. v. WCAB 09/25/1995
Note: When employee controlling treatment, limitation of doctor 'one time change' is not applicable.
Citation: 38 Cal.App.4th 820
WCC Citation: WCC 24311995 CA
Case Name: Ralph's Grocery vs. Superior Court (Swanson) 10/23/2003
Note: Bonus plan, to extent based on deduction of any cost of work comp, is unlawful.
Citation: 112 Cal.App.4th 1090
WCC Citation: WCC 29662003 CA
Case Name: Ramirez v. Columbia Machine, Inc. 05/01/2012
Note: A California worker could not assert a claim against his employer for the negligent spoilage of evidence necessary to prove liability for his injuries from an industrial explosion.
Citation: F061169
WCC Citation: WCC 38902012 CA
Case Name: Ramirez v. Drive Financial Services 09/09/2008
Note: [En Banc] Although, under new section 5814(a), a successive penalty may still be awarded for an unreasonable delay in making a prior penalty payment, it should not be awarded where the defendant had genuine doubt as to its liability or where there is no legally significant intervening event.
Citation: ADJ4579659
WCC Citation: WCC 34202008 CA
Case Name: Ramirez v. Nelson 04/08/2008
Note: As tragic as this accident was, we find the homeowners breached no special duty of care owed to unlicensed contractor Rodriguez or his workers under section 385(b).
Citation: S143819
WCC Citation: WCC 34072008 CA
Case Name: Ramirez v. WCAB 08/29/2008
Note: [Unpublished] The uncontroverted evidence here reveals decedent entered into a notarized partnership agreement with alleged employer to act as equal partners in the business of JM & AG Silage Covering. The WCAB's finding of such was supported by significant evidence.
Citation: F055279
WCC Citation: WCC 34162008 CA
Case Name: Ramirez v. WCAB (State Department of Health Care Services) 03/29/2017
Citation: C078440
WCC Citation: WCAB No. ADJ6821103
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