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Case Name: Ristow v. County of San Bernardino et al. 07/31/2012
Note: Exclusive remedy bars a lawsuit alleging assault by the San Bernardino County District Attorney because the plaintiff did not name the D.A. in his individual capacity.
Citation: E053531
WCC Citation: WCC 39172012 CA
Case Name: Ritchie v. WCAB 05/04/1994
Note: Officer not entitled to voc. rehab. after effective date of retirement under PERS.
Citation: 24 Cal.App.4th 1174
WCC Citation: WCC 26831994 CA
Case Name: Rivas v. Altawood, Inc. 04/18/2012
Note: A California appellate court on Wednesday upheld an $82,777 award in favor of a bookkeeper who claimed her employer fired her for being pregnant.
Citation: E049597
WCC Citation: WCC 38862012 CA
Case Name: Rivera v. Tower Staffing, etc., et al 11/08/2002
Note: 4650(d) penalties do not apply to lump sum payments.
Citation: 67 CCC 473 [En Banc]
WCC Citation: WCC 28952002 CA
Case Name: Rivera v. WCAB 04/08/1987
Note: Declaration of Readiness not procedurally defective as an appeal of Rehab Bureau decision.
Citation: 190 Cal.App.3d 1452
WCC Citation: WCC 27551987 CA
Case Name: Rivera v. WCAB 04/08/1987
Citation: 190 Cal.App.3d 1452
WCC Citation: WCC 27561987 CA
Case Name: Rivera vs. WCAB (Tower Staffing) 10/03/2003
Note: Overrules En Banc decision in Rivera vs Tower Staffing: 4650 applies to both periodic and accrued indemnity, but not commuted lump sums.
Citation: 112 Cal.App.4th 1124
WCC Citation: WCC 29562003 CA
Case Name: Rivera-Sanchez v. Perez 03/19/2013
Note: The widow of a California man who fell to his death while performing roof repairs for a friend could not assert a viable claim against the property owner as the putative employer of her late-husband or in tort.
Citation: C065350
WCC Citation: WCC 39922013 CA
Case Name: Rivera-Sanchez v. WCAB 01/16/2009
Note: A forklift operator is not entitled to a higher permanent partial disability rating because he failed to present a legal basis to reverse the Workers Compensation Appeals Boards factual findings
Citation: F056372
WCC Citation: WCC 34802009 CA
Case Name: Riverview Fire Protection Dist. v. WCAB 03/25/1994
Note: Presumption of cancer in firefighters eliminates need to show that cancer proximately caused by exposure to carcinogens.
Citation: 23 Cal.App.4th 1120
WCC Citation: WCC 28891994 CA
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