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Case Name: Schermerhorn v. Los Angeles Unified School Dist. 09/19/2008
Note: [Unpublished] LAUSD had notice of (1) Schermerhorn's medical release to return to work, (2) his desire to return to work, and (3) his disability, as expressed in the listed work restrictions. Nothing more was required to trigger LAUSD's duty to offer a reasonable accommodation.
Citation: B196937
WCC Citation: WCC 34272008 CA
Case Name: Schlick v. Comco Mgt., Inc. 12/04/1987
Note: WCAB has broad jurisdiction over rights, liabilities arising out of compensation.
Citation: 196 Cal.App.3d 974
WCC Citation: WCC 24271987 CA
Case Name: Scholar v. City of Chico 12/27/2011
Note: A city of Chico firefighter's cancer claim was timely because his physicians never definitively informed him that he had neck cancer until 2008.
Citation: ADJ402198
WCC Citation: WCC 38442011 CA
Case Name: Schreifer v. Industrial Accident Comm'n 05/05/1964
Note: Special mission involves employer requiring something extraordinary in relation to employee's normal duties.
Citation: 61 Cal. 2d 289
WCC Citation: WCC 30381964 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. IAC (Aten) 02/01/1949
Note: Award annulled b/c attorney's fees already paid in full to employee.
Citation: 89 Cal.App.2d 821
WCC Citation: WCC 26701949 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. IAC (George) 05/17/1954
Note: IAC, on rehearing, can change its prev. findings and order without further evidence, though no party complained of any finding.
Citation: 125 Cal.App.2d 201
WCC Citation: WCC 26951954 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. Sup. Crt. of LA County 08/24/2001
Note: Employer cannot waive carrier's privilege; court must grant review if colorable claim made.
Citation: 91 Cal. App. 4th 1080
WCC Citation: WCC 28122001 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. Superior Court of San Francisco 02/23/2010
Note: The filing of an amended complaint moots a motion directed to a prior complaint.
Citation: A125834
WCC Citation: WCC 36262010 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. WCAB 03/28/2012
Note: A California agricultural worker was not entitled to compensation for his alleged psychiatric injuries resulting from his fall from a 24-foot ladder.
Citation: B235258
WCC Citation: WCC 38802012 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. WCAB (Adame) 11/01/1983
Note: Pre-trial C&R valid if record is sufficient for 'Thomas Finding'.
Citation: 148 Cal.App.3d 649
WCC Citation: WCC 27451983 CA
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