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Case Name: Wilkinson v. WCAB 05/25/1977
Note: Whenever a worker sustains successive industrial injuries to the same part of his body while working for the same employer, and these injuries become permanent at the same time, the board should render a single award for the combined disability.
Citation: 19 Cal.3d 491
WCC Citation: WCC 24771977 CA
Case Name: Willette vs. AU Electric (#2) 12/16/2004
Note: Recon denied as not from final order; if neither party agree with panel QME, judicial determination necessary; No determination on weight of UR report vs. PTP or QME reports.
Citation: 69 CCC (2004); En Banc
WCC Citation: WCC 30692004 CA
Case Name: Willette vs. AU Electric Corp. 10/03/2004
Note: Five part procedural test on utilization review objections; UR reports were admissible because they are specifically required in the statutory scheme under LC 4610 and are therefore relevant on issues involving medical care, disapproving their prior holding in Czarnecki.
Citation: 68 CCC 1298; En Banc
WCC Citation: WCC 30322004 CA
Case Name: Williams v. County of San Bernardino Probation Dep't 03/13/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Plaintiff failed to raise a triable issue of material fact.
Citation: E043035
WCC Citation: WCC 33272008 CA
Case Name: Williams v. Hilb, Rogal & Hobbs Ins. 09/09/2009
Note: Insurance agent held herself out as having expertise in the insurance needs of the plaintiff-employer and failure to advise plaintiff of the necessity for such insurance, and that it was not included in her package for plaintiff, breached the duty she assumed by holding herself out as 'the expert on the product necessary to satisfy [plaintiff's] insurance needs.'
Citation: B203691
WCC Citation: WCC 35642009 CA
Case Name: Williams v. Mcdonnel-Douglas Corp. 06/06/1973
Note: Reimbursement of costs of copying records with material relationship to claim is allowed.
Citation: 8 CCC 325
WCC Citation: WCC 28061973 CA
Case Name: Williams v. WCAB (Hilton) 07/28/1993
Note: No lien against comp. benefits allowed for back due rent when debt accrued prior to injury.
Citation: 17 Cal.App.4th 582
WCC Citation: WCC 24991993 CA
Case Name: Williams v. WCAB (Satellite) 03/05/1998
Note: Reg. 10125 requirements must be satisfied by written documents, but need not be satisfied in notice to applicant of potential eligibility for rehabilitation.
Citation: 63 CCC 493 (Writ Denied)
WCC Citation: WCC 27951998 CA
Case Name: Williams vs. WCAB 08/18/1998
Note: Presumption of compensability applies even if claim is accepted then denied after 90 days.
Citation: 74 CA 4th 1260; 64 CCC 995
WCC Citation: WCC 30231998 CA
Case Name: Wills v. Superior Court of Orange County 04/13/2011
Note: California law allows an employer to discipline an employee for making threats or engaging in violence, even when those behaviors are the result of a disability.
Citation: G043054
WCC Citation: WCC 37442011 CA
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