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Case Name: Valdez v. Clarendon National Insurance Co. 12/31/1969
Note: A California appellate court ruled that an injured worker could not proceed with his civil action against his employer and its insurance carrier for alleged misconduct during the negotiations to settle his comp claim because the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board had exclusive jurisdiction over the matter.
Citation: B278542
WCC Citation: Los Angeles County Super. Ct. No. BC606254
Case Name: Valdez v. Himmelfarb 11/20/2006
Note: Actions under Labor Code section 3706 are covered by the three-year statute of limitations in the Code of Civil Procedure.
Citation: 144 Cal. App. 4th 1261
WCC Citation: WCC 31912006 CA
Case Name: Valdez v. WCAB 05/29/2012
Note: California's Labor Code does not prohibit the admission of medical reports from doctors who are not a part of an employer's properly noticed and valid medical provider network.
Citation: B237147
WCC Citation: WCC 39002012 CA
Case Name: Valdivia v. Del Monte Foods 12/09/2010
Note: A trial judge's warning that he might have to declare a mistrial in a worker's civil suit in order to hear other cases did not constitute a prejudicial error.
Citation: F056866
WCC Citation: WCC 36902010 CA
Case Name: Valero v. Board of Retirement of Tulare County Employees' Retirement Assoc. 05/01/2012
Note: A county office worker with a disabling psychiatric condition failed to prove his panic disorder was service-connected.
Citation: F062601
WCC Citation: WCC 38912012 CA
Case Name: Van Voorhis vs. WCAB (Bethlehem Steel Corp.) 02/04/1974
Note: Compensation must be measured by the applicant's earning capacity as it existed at the time he incurred his compensable disability.
Citation: 37 CA3d 81
WCC Citation: WCC 30291974 CA
Case Name: Vanderheiden v. City of Alameda 06/02/2009
Note: [Unpublished] There are genuine issues of fact regarding plaintiff's psychological health and his ability to perform his job.
Citation: A120169
WCC Citation: WCC 35302009 CA
Case Name: Vargas v. WCAB 10/15/1986
Note: WCJ has no jurisdiction to permit rescission of order of dismissal absent timely objection.
Citation: 51 CCC 480
WCC Citation: WCC 27211986 CA
Case Name: Vargas vs. Atascadero State Hospital 04/11/2006
Note: SB 899 apportionment rules apply to reopened cases seeking increased permanent disability regardless of date of injury.
Citation: 71 CCC 500 (2006)
WCC Citation: WCC 31552006 CA
Case Name: Varisco v. Gateway Science and Engineering, Inc. 09/15/2008
Note: All the undisputed facts add up to an independent contractor relationship.
Citation: B200339
WCC Citation: WCC 34242008 CA
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