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Case Name: Torres vs. Parkhouse Tire Service 08/30/2001
Note: In civil action against another employee, injured worker must prove intent to injure.
Citation: 26 Cal.4th 995
WCC Citation: WCC 28202001 CA
Case Name: Torretta v. Naltsas 09/15/2010
Note: A one-year statute of limitations barred a carpenter's suit against his private treating dermatologist, because he waited too long to file the suit after his workers' compensation physicians told him that his corticosteroid injections caused his severe hip condition, the 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled.
Citation: B219421
WCC Citation: WCC 36682010 CA
Case Name: Transactron, Inc. v. WCAB (Spears) 03/18/1977
Note: The role of employment in an act of violence is inconsequential when it merely provides a place where the assailant can find the victim.
Citation: 68 Cal.App.3d 233
WCC Citation: WCC 31171977 CA
Case Name: Transportation Ins. Co. v. WCAB 09/25/1997
Note: WCAB has jurisdiction over contribution, reimbursement disputes between insurers.
Citation: 62 CCC 1469
WCC Citation: WCC 26381997 CA
Case Name: Travelers Indemnity Co. v. WCAB 09/27/2007
Note: [Unpublished] Because the petitioner was not required to provide the section 4061 notice to injured employee as of January 1, 2005, the 2005 table must be used to determine the extent of the employee's permanent disability, and the WCAB erred in concluding otherwise.
Citation: C055329
WCC Citation: WCC 32622007 CA
Case Name: Travelers Indemnity Co. v. WCAB (Morales) 07/19/2011
Note: The California Supreme Court denied review to a panel decision that rejected an insurer's defense to a California Insurance Guarantee Association reimbursement claim.
Citation: ADJ2141542
WCC Citation: WCC 37832011 CA
Case Name: Travelers Ins. Co. v. IAC (Grace) 03/15/1966
Note: Award annulled b/c policy did not provide coverage in CA.
Citation: 240 Cal.App.2d 804
WCC Citation: WCC 26281966 CA
Case Name: Travelers Ins. Co. v. WCAB 12/17/1982
Note: Since a person entitled to a dependency death benefit survived, award is annulled.
Citation: 138 Cal.App.3d 244
WCC Citation: WCC 24621982 CA
Case Name: Tri-Spur Investments v. SCIF 09/16/1996
Note: Substituting insurer for employer permitted where no conflict of interest.
Citation: 61 CCC 940
WCC Citation: WCC 24961996 CA
Case Name: Trimas Corp., et al., v. WCAB (Rendon) 07/30/2010
Note: An employer failed to preserve its utilization review argument for appeal, according to an unpublished decision from California's 5th District Court of Appeal.
Citation: F060040
WCC Citation: WCC 36532010 CA
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