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Case Name: Tri-Spur Investments v. SCIF 09/16/1996
Note: Substituting insurer for employer permitted where no conflict of interest.
Citation: 61 CCC 940
WCC Citation: WCC 24961996 CA
Case Name: Trimas Corp., et al., v. WCAB (Rendon) 07/30/2010
Note: An employer failed to preserve its utilization review argument for appeal, according to an unpublished decision from California's 5th District Court of Appeal.
Citation: F060040
WCC Citation: WCC 36532010 CA
Case Name: Tristan v. California Dept of Corrections and Rehabilitation 10/29/2012
Note: The California Department of Corrections was entitled to the summary dismissal of a parole agent's claims that his supervisors had discriminated against him after he suffered two work-related knee injuries.
Citation: D060285
WCC Citation: WCC 39462012 CA
Case Name: Tucker v. WCAB 01/07/1975
Note: Failure of carrier to take administrative measures to compute and pay interest on every award was not to be disregarded as de minimis.
Citation: 44 Cal.App.3d 330
WCC Citation: WCC 26181975 CA
Case Name: Tung Tran v. Zhi Qiang Luo 11/15/2011
Note: A California appellate court affirmed an injunction barring a former employee from making violent threats against his employer, and forcing him to stay away from his former co-workers.
Citation: A131589
WCC Citation: WCC 38272011 CA
Case Name: Tverberg et al. v. Fillner Construction 01/26/2012
Note: A self-employed independent contractor can sue a general contractor under a theory of negligent exercise of retained control.
Citation: A120050
WCC Citation: WCC 38492012 CA
Case Name: Tverberg v. Fillner Construction (1st DCA decision) 02/24/2011
Note: Eight months after the California Supreme Court told a self-employed independent contractor that he could not sue a general contractor on a theory of vicarious liability, the 1st District Court of Appeal has now allowed Jeffrey Tverberg to sue the same general contractor under a theory of direct liability.
Citation: A120050-2
WCC Citation: WCC 37202011 CA
Case Name: Tverberg v. Fillner Construction (CA Supreme Court) 06/28/2010
Note: A self-employed independent contractor cannot sue a general contractor for work-related injuries under a theory of vicarious liability.
Citation: S169753
WCC Citation: WCC 36442010 CA
Case Name: Twen. Cent.-Fox Film Corp. v. WCAB 04/11/1983
Note: Judge erred by not discussing basis of opinion as to an employee's psychiatric injury.
Citation: 141 Cal.App.3d 778
WCC Citation: WCC 24831983 CA
Case Name: Tyler v. WCAB 07/15/1997
Note: WCJ cannot appoint an IME; Board empowered to obtain additional evidence to determine benefits.
Citation: 56 Cal.App.4th 389
WCC Citation: WCC 3771997 CA
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