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Case Name: Eliapo v. SCI California Funeral Services 07/17/2009
Note: [Unpublished] Since plaintiff obtained no recovery in this case, the trial court had discretion to award expert fees as allowed under Code of Civil Procedure section 998.
Citation: H031761
WCC Citation: WCC 35442009 CA
Case Name: Elijahjuan et al. v. the Superior Court of Los Angeles County 10/17/2012
Note: A trial court judge erred in directing a dispute between four workers and their employer based on their alleged misclassification as independent contractors to arbitration, since the terms of the agreement that some of the workers had signed only compelled arbitration for disputes regarding the application or interpretation of that agreement.
Citation: B234794
WCC Citation: WCC 39432012 CA
Case Name: Elliot v. WCAB 02/25/2010
Note: The spinal surgery second opinion process commences after utilization review has denied the requested spinal surgery.
Citation: A125585
WCC Citation: WCC 36022010 CA
Case Name: Elliot vs. WCAB 12/17/1987
Note: Board should give consideration to the worker's acutal earnings from all sources of employment.
Citation: 196 CA 3d 1497
WCC Citation: WCC 29891987 CA
Case Name: Elsner v. Uveges 02/07/2003
Note: CalOSHA standards, regs, citations not admissable in employee third party suit.
Citation: 106 Cal.App.4th 73
WCC Citation: WCC 29152003 CA
Case Name: Emmer v. Adobe Systems, Inc. 12/28/2007
Note: [Unpublished] It is the gravamen of the plaintiff's cause of action that determines whether the anti-SLAPP statute applies, and when the allegations referring to arguably protected activity are only incidental to a cause of action based essentially on nonprotected activity, collateral allusions to protected activity should not subject the cause of action to the anti-SLAPP statute.
Citation: H030685
WCC Citation: WCC 32952007 CA
Case Name: Empl. Mut. Liab. Ins. Co. of WI v WCAB 02/28/1975
Note: Provides guidance for awarding attorney's fees in appellate proceedings.
Citation: 46 CA 3d 104, 40 CCC 820
WCC Citation: WCC 26341975 CA
Case Name: Employers Liability Assurance Corp. v. Indust. Acc. Comm'n 03/01/1940
Note: Evidence supports determination that live-in employee was sustained in course and scope of employment.
Citation: 37 Cal.App.2d 567
WCC Citation: WCC 30581940 CA
Case Name: Energetic Painting and Drywall Inc. v. WCAB 07/24/2007
Note: Under Labor Code section 4061, an employer must give the notice required by that statute to the injured worker 'together with the last payment of temporary disability indemnity,' and the employer is 'not required' to provide that notice until the last temporary disability payment is made or has become due.
Citation: 153 Cal. App. 4th 633; 63 Cal. Rptr. 3d 210, 72 CC
WCC Citation: WCC 32382007 CA
Case Name: Energy Insurance Mutual Limited v. Ace American Insurance Company Part 1/2 08/10/2017
Note: The 1st District Court of Appeal this week ordered publication of its decision finding that Ace American Insurance Co. did not owe coverage for an insured’s alleged negligence that led to a fatal pipeline explosion.
Citation: A140656
WCC Citation: Contra Costa County Super. Ct. No. MSC11-0060
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