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Case Name: Fenn vs. WCAB 04/21/2003
Note: Because actual work necessary to earn FLSA premium, time off due to work injury not count towards benefit rate.
Citation: 107 Cal.App.4th 1292
WCC Citation: WCC 29282003 CA
Case Name: Ferguson v. WCAB 04/13/1995
Note: Increase per 4553 applies to entire award, not just indemnity.
Citation: 33 Cal.App.4th 1613, 60 CCC 275
WCC Citation: WCC 24091995 CA
Case Name: Fermer v. Searles Valley Minerals, Inc. 09/03/2010
Note: A former mining worker created a triable issue of fact about whether his employer terminated him because of depression resulting from his boss'
Citation: E048827
WCC Citation: WCC 36632010 CA
Case Name: Fernandez v. Spayde 06/27/2017
Citation: B276173
WCC Citation: Super. Ct. No. 56-2014-00449789-CU-PO-VTA
Case Name: Fernandez vs. Lawson 05/13/2002
Note: Reliance on license status of contractor under LC 2750.5 is factual issue for trial.
Citation: 98 Cal.App.4th 388
WCC Citation: WCC 28502002 CA
Case Name: Ferreira v. Homeport Insurance Co, 07/23/2012
Note: A California appellate court ruled that the widow of a longshoreman who had failed to finalize a tentative agreement with his employer's insurance carrier for his industrial injury before his death could not sue the carrier for breaching the terms of the proposed agreement or for her emotional distress arising from the carrier's refusal to honor its terms.The court also said that the carrier could not sue the worker's estate for a lien on a recovery in any action against a third-party for the worker's industrial accident.
Citation: A129546
WCC Citation: WCC 39152012 CA
Case Name: Fidelity & Cas. Co. of NY v. WCAB (Harris) 03/31/1980
Note: Board may take further evidence only on issue being reconsidered; must give notice, opportunity to present evidence to parties.WCAB decides if good cause exists per S. 5803 to rescind a C&R agreement.
Citation: 103 Cal.App.3d 1001, 45 CCC 381
WCC Citation: WCC 27391980 CA
Case Name: Fidelity & Cas. Co. of NY v. WCAB (Ratzel) 07/05/1967
Note: A parties recourse in objecting to rating is to cross-examine expert and rebuttal evidence.
Citation: 252 Cal.App.2d 327, 32 CCC 271
WCC Citation: WCC 25391967 CA
Case Name: Fields v. State of California 09/20/2012
Note: A prison cook killed in a car accident while driving to work after a doctor's appointment related to her workers' compensation claim was not within the scope of her employment at the time of her death.
Citation: F063128
WCC Citation: WCC 39392012 CA
Case Name: Fireman's Fund Indem. Co. v. Industrial Accident Comm'n 04/28/1932
Note: Injury not compensable where employee is injured while picking up paycheck at place/ time within employees discretion
Citation: 123 Cal.App. 142
WCC Citation: WCC 30541932 CA
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