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Case Name: Delgado v. PJH Brands 11/08/2011
Note: Insufficient evidence showed PJH owed plaintiffs a duty of care under any recognized principles of tort law, as alleged or otherwise.
Citation: B227522
WCC Citation: WCC 38232011 CA
Case Name: Demetry v. Leeds 03/29/2013
Note: An Orange County clerical worker's negligence claim against a fellow county employee for striking her with a car was barred by exclusivity as a matter of law.
Citation: G046951
WCC Citation: WCC 39982013 CA
Case Name: Demkowski v. Lee 08/30/1991
Note: Jury verdict on civil subrogation case ambigous so judgment as to damages reversed.
Citation: 233 Cal.App.3d 1244
WCC Citation: WCC 31511991 CA
Case Name: Denny's Inc. vs. WCAB (BACHMAN) 01/17/2003
Note: CIGA not liable for portion of CT where employer self-insured for other portion.
Citation: 104 Cal.App.4th1433
WCC Citation: WCC 29072003 CA
Case Name: Dept of Rehab vs. WCAB (Lauher) 06/26/2003
Note: No TD for time off for post P&S treatment; not discrimination if require use of sick/vacation time.
Citation: 30 Cal. 4th 1281
WCC Citation: WCC 29402003 CA
Case Name: Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation v. WCAB 09/10/2008
Note: Section 4663(e), when enacted, declared existing law. Section 4663 was not intended to repeal the non-attribution presumptions of sections 3212 through 3213.2 and did not do so by implication.
Citation: C057410
WCC Citation: WCC 34182008 CA
Case Name: Dept. of Corrections v. WCAB 02/01/1979
Note: PERS benefits provide additional compensation and are construed liberally due to hazards of public employment.
Citation: 23 Cal.3d 197
WCC Citation: WCC 24661979 CA
Case Name: Dept. of Corrections v. WCAB 02/01/1979
Note: Death benefits may be awarded to dependents otherwise denied if
Citation: 23 Cal.3d 197, 44 CCC 114
WCC Citation: WCC 3911979 CA
Case Name: Dept. of Education v. WCAB (Gill) 03/16/1993
Note: Method of converting PD rating to a number of weeks of workers' comp.
Citation: 14 Cal.App.4th 1348
WCC Citation: WCC 25071993 CA
Case Name: Dept. of Highway Patrol v. WCAB 04/18/1995
Note: WCJ erred by using last date of work for dependency status of children rather than date of injury.
Citation: 33 Cal.App.4th 1828, 60 CCC 308
WCC Citation: WCC 25311995 CA
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