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Case Name: Reynolds v. WCAB 11/04/1974
Note: Failure of employer to provide injured worker with required notice tolls statute of limitations.
Citation: 12 Cal.3d 726
WCC Citation: WCC 29111974 CA
Case Name: Rhiner v. WCAB 04/08/1993
Note: Strict liability for delay of payment.
Citation: 4 Cal.4th 1213
WCC Citation: WCC 3401993 CA
Case Name: Richard H. Moss v. PG&E Corporation et al 02/01/2011
Note: A PG&E attorney's suit against the employer failed because he provided insufficient evidence of a discriminatory reason for his termination.
Citation: A126610
WCC Citation: WCC 37102011 CA
Case Name: Richardson-Tunnell v. School Insurance Program for Employees (SIPE) 12/07/2007
Note: The government immunity established in Government Code section 821.6 will override liability created by Civil Code section 1708.8, absent an expression of legislative intent to the contrary. Nothing in Civil Code section 1708.8 or its legislative history evidences any intent to create new government liability.
Citation: 157 Cal. App. 4th 1056; 69 Cal. Rptr. 3d 176
WCC Citation: WCC 32862007 CA
Case Name: Richey v. Autonation, Inc. 11/13/2012
Note: An employer could not defend against an employee's claim that it wrongfully interfered with his medical leave by firing him based on its good faith belief that the employee was working at another job while he was on leave.
Citation: B234711
WCC Citation: WCC 39512012 CA
Case Name: Rickards v. UPS, Inc. 06/19/2012
Note: A claim of disability discrimination filed by an attorney through the Department of Fair Employment and Housing's automated system is a 'verified' complaint.
Citation: B234192
WCC Citation: WCC 39062012 CA
Case Name: Riddle v. WCAB 03/22/1995
Note: Amended 132a pleading which cured defects in fact specification dates back to original filing.
Citation: 60 CCC 170
WCC Citation: WCC 27641995 CA
Case Name: Rider v. WCAB 09/30/2009
Note: [Unpublished] Only those orders, decisions and awards of the WCAB deemed to be final have been held to be within section 5950.
Citation: F058162
WCC Citation: WCC 35682009 CA
Case Name: Rio Linda Union School Dist. v. WCAB (Scheftner) 07/26/2005
Note: Where there is no final order awarding permanent disability before 04/19/04, the new apportionment standard applies.
Citation: 131 Cal.App.4th 517
WCC Citation: WCC 31082005 CA
Case Name: Ristow v. County of San Bernardino et al. 07/31/2012
Note: Exclusive remedy bars a lawsuit alleging assault by the San Bernardino County District Attorney because the plaintiff did not name the D.A. in his individual capacity.
Citation: E053531
WCC Citation: WCC 39172012 CA
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